5 Tips To Promote Your Online Course With a Quiz

As we know, quizzes are one of the best lead magnets out there. They generate leads, grow your audience, and they allow you to connect with your clients on a more personal level.

But that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Let’s imagine you’ve just launched your quiz and are ready for people to start taking it and for the leads to come pouring in.

What happens next?

Are you supposed to just cross your fingers and hope that people magically find it?

How are you meant to get eyeballs on your quiz to actually GENERATE these amazing leads?

Hmmm…contrary to popular belief, build and they’ll come doesn’t really work, not in the real world anyway.

You can have the best quiz in the world, but if nobody knows it exists then it’s utterly pointless. (Surely not!)

If you don’t want your quiz to be the best kept secret you need to be driving traffic to it every single day.

At Kylie Lang HQ, we write, create and promote quizzes for creative clients of multiple industries – and here are some of the accessible and practical ways to easily promote your quiz and give it the attention it truly deserves.

No 1 - Your Website's Home Page

First things first, showing off your quiz on your website’s homepage is an obvious one. I like to think of a homepage as your shop front. Just like a fabulous window display in the stores at Xmas, it’s showing off all of your most glamorous pieces to invite people in and grab their attention.

And if your quiz is asking a question you know your audience has and wants an answer to, then having it up front and centre gets people thinking, “oh I absolutely NEED to take this!”.

It’s the first glance that people have into your world and what you have to offer and it shows you and your brand on a more personal and interactive level.

And that’s exactly what we want.

TOP TIP - have your quiz as the CTA (Call to Action) in the top section of your Home Page, AKA ‘Above the Fold’.

No 2 - In Your Instagram Bio

This is such an easy way to showcase your work.

Your Instagram bio is basically a free billboard on your profile – so use it to your advantage!

Referring your followers to the good old “link in bio” landing page is such an easy, effective way to direct people to your quiz.

Along with posting on your feed and utilising hashtags, if you’re using platforms such as Linktree, be sure that your quiz is on this list of links and position it near the top. to the good old “link in bio” landing page is such an easy, effective way to direct people to your quiz.

Think of your Instagram bio as your calling card that promotes you and your business continuously.


TOP TIP - Linktree also produces analytics so you can see the amount of clicks going through for each link.

No 3 - Use Pinterest to Promote Your Quiz

Using Pinterest to advocate your brand is a real no brainer – and one of my favourites.

And here’s why.

Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine disguised as a social media platform.

People want to find things on Pinterest. They’re in a different mindset to when they’re mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

But what many people don’t always realise is that this platform is used for so much more than just searching for an inspirational quote or the “the perfect work from home office set up”.

It’s an extremely keyword-heavy site that also has many options to research trends and the best keywords to use for your pins to be found.

Creating and saving multiple boards on a broad range of topics is a great way to start.

One of the best things about Pinterest is that you can dispense of the “link in bio” call to action, because for your standard pins, one click takes you straight to your destination link. The perfect traffic driver for your quiz!

By loading your title and descriptions with relevant keywords, this makes your pins HIGHLY searchable.

TOP TIP - you can create multiple pins for your quiz that all link directly to it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Idea Pins are perfect for showcasing your quiz outcomes.

Idea Pins are Pinterest’s answer to Reels, and like with most new things Pinterest favours these right now helping your brand to get noticed by more people.

You can have up to 20 images or videos in an Idea Pin so it’s a great way to tease your results and quiz outcomes which raises the level of intrigue around your quiz.

Unfortunately, Idea Pins don’t have the ability to link directly to anything so putting a link in the notes section is important.

Remember Pinterest is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. So similar to SEO it takes a while to build up but once it does, unlike Instagram and Facebook where it dies a death after the first 24 hours, Pinterest just builds momentum.

We’ve had pins that two years later are still driving traffic. It’s a FREE way to generate leads consistently. Who doesn’t want that?

No 4 - Facebook Groups

Don’t discount the power of Facebook. Using Facebook as a way to show off your new quiz is such an easy one to make use of.

With nearly 3 million active users monthly, there really is no reason to not take advantage of this huge reach. Posting onto your main feed may seem like a cringy move. But promotion is promotion and eyes on your brand are key.

And remember, only a very small portion of your audience see your posts so it’s not a sin to post the same thing multiple times, especially on Facebook.

Repurposing content is a BIG part of successfully promoting your brand and by default your quiz. It’s something I do for our Quiz Promo clients to really make use of their existing content.

People need to be informed of what you’re doing and who you are – otherwise how are you supposed to sell?

TOP TIP - Showcase your quiz in your own Facebook group by adding the link to your quiz in the call to action in the description!

If you consistently post about your quiz in the group and make use of polls and questions – this can help to easily market and drive new leads.

And another good one is to promote it in your Group’s Banner. When people click on the banner image make sure you use the image description text to leave a link to take your quiz.

No 5 - Use a CTA in Your Blog Posts

Use your quiz as the main call to action throughout all of your blog content and keep in mind solid and searchable phrases to help the SEO.

There are also some easy tools that you can use to search for keywords to help your blog to be found much quicker.

TOP TIP - make sure you embed your quiz on its own page on your website and DON’T use the URL given to you by your quiz platform.

You always want to drive traffic to your own website NOT to someone else’s. Plus, a simple Quiz URL on your own site makes it so much easier to talk about.

Remember your quiz is your main lead magnet so always make it the priority. Make sure it’s easy to find and something you talk about naturally ALL THE TIME.

In fact, this is the perfect place for me to promote our quiz….

See how easy that was?

So now you know. You could have a killer quiz that excites and inspires everyone that comes across it.

BUT, if you don’t promote it nobody knows it’s there and it becomes the world’s best secret instead of the world’s best quiz that has hundreds of leads coming through each and every week.

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