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Karen Campbell is an Artist Educator and her quiz ‘What’s Your Awesome Artist Superpower?’ segments her leads into three possible art memberships.

“The split second Kylie came on and started talking I dropped everything to listen. 
I’d always wanted to do a quiz and I know what awesome lead magnets they are and how they convert. It’s been on my bucket list for literally years.
When I saw Kylie’s presentation I was like ‘Holy Moly’ this woman is the one.
Working with Kylie has been nothing but a pleasure.“

Karen Campbell

Artist Educator

I’m going to show you how to turn Browsers into Buyers by using my step-by-step formula to create a high converting quiz that brings in leads on autopilot and drives traffic fast.

These are the exact strategies that have helped my clients:

🚀 Have sell out launches EVERY SINGLE TIME

💰 Bring their CPL (cost per lead) for Facebook Ads down to 10 cents

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Here’s what you’ll learn…


It’s quite simple. I want you to succeed. 

I’d love to help you stop being a slave to the algorithm and instead focus your efforts on creating an attention grabbing quiz that pops in all the right places, drives traffic and creates an emotional connection with an audience willing to invest.

you DON'T own your followers on social media
BUT you DO own your 
email list.

So instead of stressing over which platforms you should be on let’s future proof your business by building an audience that belongs 100% to you, which isn’t affected if there’s an outage on Instagram and would see you looking rather smug if Facebook disappeared tomorrow, (MySpace I’m looking at you).

The strategy I’m sharing has seen amazing results. Higher conversion rates, an explosion in subscribers, a more engaged email list and a much higher ROI. 

Who doesn’t want that?


I'm Kylie...

Speaking of know, like, trust I think it’s time I built a little with you. 

I’m a creative at heart and started life as a classical musician playing violin and piano BUT then discovered the joys of being an entrepreneur. 

Fast forward 23 years (yes I’ve been in business that long) and it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing and driving traffic. 

I discovered the power of quizzes back in 2016 when I was looking for new ways to promote my digital course company. It was love at first click because this was lead generation on steroids.  

Very quickly though I realised there was a complete strategy behind quizzes that went far beyond the magazine quizzes of the 80s such as, ‘Are You Way Too Obsessed With Your Ex?’ Or ‘Is Your BFF Really On Your Side?’        

So naturally, I developed my own Quiz Funnel Formula, to help other creative entrepreneurs, like you, take the stress out of building a lead magnet that actually works and converts.

I love quizzes, as you can probably tell, but one of their biggest superpowers is ​​their ability to impart information that’s relevant and specific to the person reading it. Allowing your quiz takers to think this person actually gets me and understands me. 

It’s the difference between buying a ‘one size fits all’ outfit, when you could buy a tailored, made to measure, bespoke version that makes you feel like a million dollars.              

And that’s what I want for you. I’d love to help you create a ‘one of a kind’ quiz that speaks directly to your audience and instantly builds trust. 

And more importantly, I can’t wait to celebrate with you on the virtual dancefloor ‘Dancing Queen’ style as we watch those leads pour in!

Kylie x