Using a Quiz to Launch an Online Course

One of the things I love about my work is the variety of niches, businesses and people I get to work with.

One minute I can be creating quiz questions for a lead generation specialist looking to build his email list and the next I can be writing the copy for an email nurture sequence of an Artist looking to bring leads into her three art membership clubs.

Seriously it doesn't get any better than this and I love it.

Today I want to introduce you to another one of my fabulous clients, Katie Zaccardi, who came into my quiz world a couple of months ago.

Katie stumbled across me on Instagram and I was immediately fascinated as her bio said she was a Music Career/Biz Coach, and as I started life as a classical musician I had a feeling we’d be a good match.

And of course, we were.

During our discovery call I learned that Katie was actually a musician turned music career coach and she’d helped hundreds of musicians and music entrepreneurs grow their brands, businesses & bank accounts using social media.

What she wanted to do with her quiz was to funnel people through into a new Audience Builder Course she was launching for musicians.

She had some interesting ideas based around using a formula she was calling the Visibility RX, which I immediately loved and could imagine all sorts of analogies and words I could play around with to really make her quiz unique.

I couldn’t wait to get started

Now Katie was not a complete ‘Done For You‘ client as she was happy to do the tech side of things herself.

What she needed was my help with developing the quiz title, questions, outcomes and results.

To do this I needed to do some extensive research on Katie’s audience.

And as part of my process I ask all my 1:1 clients for their ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and get them to fill out an extensive onboarding questionnaire to help me get a better understanding of their business, their audience, their pain points, challenges and the client journey.

What Katie had was one step better than that. She had six fully fleshed out avatars that she wanted to use for her quiz outcomes which made my life so much easier.

Normally I don’t recommend six outcomes, I’d normally opt for three or four, but for Katie it made sense as she really wanted to use her quiz as an assessment of where her audience were at with their artist branding so it felt meatier than the more fluffy quizzes out there.

She’d identified that most of the musicians she came across struggled to promote themselves and didn’t understand branding as an artist.

Which leads me onto the quiz title.

Katie had pretty much decided on the title when she reached out to me…What’s Your Brand’s Unique Artist Archetype?

But like many of the best laid plans it didn’t quite pan out.

I really wanted Katie’s quiz to stand out from the crowd and be different and avoid many of the stereotypical words you get with quizzes so challenged her to consider some different ideas.

And she did.

Knowing she was using the term ‘RX‘ I came up with some other words and phrases which tied in with this theme and then presented some alternative titles.

We tested her three favourites with her audience to see what their thoughts were and it was pretty much unanimous….

And this title won!'What's Your Artist Brand DNA?'

With the title nailed I could move on to creating the first Results Page and OMG did I have fun doing it.

With phrases like, ‘your genetic code‘ and ‘your prescribed affirmation‘ peppered into the copy so it tied in with the title and RX Formula it all started to flow really quickly.

With results copy done it was time to turn my attention to the questions and again having such fully fleshed out avatars made creating the questions quite a bit easier.

And in case you’re wondering, there are three different types of questions in a quiz; diagnosis, non-diagnosis and visualisation.

Diagnosis Questions

These are the questions that will determine how you segment them. How someone answers your Diagnosis Questions counts towards the Quiz Outcome they’ll get.

Non-Diagnosis Questions

This is where things get interesting because these questions are for reasons OTHER than putting people into different segments. So for me this is where the power of a quiz comes into play because these questions aren’t about helping your audience to learn about themselves instead they’re about you learning about your audience.

For example, you might want to know how long someone has been in business. This is a great question for segmenting your audience as the way you market to a newbie in business is completely different to how you’d market to someone who is fives years in.

Another example might be asking what their social media platform of choice is. This would really help you to understand where to focus your energies if the overwhelming answer to that question was Instagram, for example.

Visualisation Questions

This final question type is all about getting people to visualise what life would look like if the problem they had was solved. And not just solved but solved by you. I love this type of question as it’s fun and brings some light relief, but is subtly manipulative.

With the questions completed that was my job for Katie done…until of course it wasn’t.

I was thrilled when Katie asked me to write the email nurture sequence for her quiz as it gave me a chance to take everything we’d built so far and really create an emotional connection with her audience through storytelling, something I absolutely love to do.

We also added in the idea of giving people a mini podcast episode via email that dived a bit deeper into each one of the six results. It was a great way to keep them engaged and give yet more value as part of the quiz.

Let's hear about Katie's quiz journey and get her thoughts

Last month Teresa launched her quiz and you can read all about that here but today is all about Katie.

KYLIE: Tell us more about your audience and the people you help.

KATIE: I’m a coach for musicians and music industry entrepreneurs who are looking for support in clarifying their branding, growing their audience, and monetizing their music career.

KYLIE: What other lead magnets have you tried in the past?

KATIE: I’ve tried PDFS, worksheets, and video trainings.

KYLIE: What was your inspiration for creating a quiz? What was it that appealed to you?

KATIE: It came from an idea I had to solve a pain point of my audience — the pain point of not knowing what their brand was or even how to start crafting one for themselves. I began to concoct a theory that I worked on for months – that all musicians’ brands fit into 6 Archetypes. Not only would this help my clients, but it was the perfect thing to make a quiz so my audience could figure there’s out easily, and for free!

KYLIE: What problem did you want the quiz to solve for your audience?

KATIE: The problem of not knowing what their (personal) brand is.

KYLIE: At what point did you ‘get stuck’ in the process?

KATIE: I knew the direction I wanted to go and the answers, but I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what questions to ask to get to those results in an effective way. Also, It helped to have support with the result page and the email sequence so I knew I was giving solid information and had strong next steps once the quiz takers entered my ecosystem.

KYLIE: How was I able to help you on your journey?

KATIE: You were integral in taking me from an idea to a fully fleshed out quiz. You helped to take my vision and turn it into a tangible quiz creating the questions, the flow, the results page copy, and post quiz email sequence.

KYLIE: What words of wisdom would you share with someone about to create their own quiz?

KATIE: Don’t be afraid to get help! It can be a big undertaking to do a quiz and getting help can make the process go faster and smoother. You’ll be so excited once you get your quiz out there.

KYLIE: As a huge ABBA fan I have to know, what’s your favourite ABBA song, the one that would get you on the dance floor every time?

KATIE: Super Trouper or Take a Chance or Me!

KYLIE: Any last words?

KATIE: If you need help creating your quiz – HIRE KYLIE! She helped to take my vision and turn it into a tangible quiz. She created the questions, the flow, the results page copy, and post quiz email sequence. I was so surprised at how well she was able to take notes and turn it into content that perfectly fit my voice. She’s brilliant and will help you create a quiz you are confident in that gets results!

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