The Team

We are a small but mighty team of three here at Quiz Funnel Formula HQ (four if you count my furry friend)

BUT we’re lucky enough to have wonderful expert partners who work with us to bring our quizzes to life in areas such as graphic design, branding and ads.
Kylie Lang Quiz Finnel Strategist

Social Media & Brand Management

Summer Williams

With a BA honours in journalism Summer is not only a great copywriter but has a passion for social media and spends many happy hours creating pins, posts, reels, stories & tweets for our clients as part of our Quiz Promo Package. She’s the Queen of Repurposing!

“When dreaming of my future career, I always took my inspiration from my favourite chick flick idols. I decided I would either work in a publishing house, be a ruthless Editor and Chief (who looks just like Meryl Streep) at an elite fashion brand or a magazine journalist writing about classic dating faux pas in the Big Apple.

Of course, these all seemed extremely realistic to my 14 year old self. It was probably a mixture of these films that ultimately led me to do a degree in journalism.”

Tech & Quiz Build Outs

Richard Lang

As my ‘better half’, biggest supporter, and the one I run all my quiz ideas past, it’s not surprising that Richard also caught the quiz bug and decided to allow his tech brain, which he didn’t realise he had, to come into its own.

We’re a good team. Once I’ve created and written your quiz Richard takes my ideas and turns it into a fully designed and built quiz using our favourite quiz platform, Interact.

“If you’d have told me five years ago I’d be working in an office with my wife building quizzes and playing with tech platforms I’d have thought you were mad.

As a Project Manager in a previous life with an environmental degree this is a far cry from what I was trained for BUT I love the challenge of taking Kylie’s ideas and turning them into a lead generating quiz. It’s fun, creative and keeps me (very) busy.”

The Office Furry Friend

Lottie Lang

Every office needs one and we have Lottie. She listens intently as I rattle off my ideas, is always happy to go on a walk when I need to clear my head, and never tells me things I don’t want to hear.

She’s the perfect addition to any office and definitely gets more likes on Instagram than I could ever hope to get.