Ready For A Custom Built Quiz Funnel?

One that converts your leads into clients!

A done for you…

Fully optimised & implemented quiz funnel. 

No tech headache | zero stress levels

Ready For A Custom Built Quiz Funnel?

One that converts your leads into clients!

A done for you…

Fully optimised & implemented quiz funnel. 

No tech headache | zero stress levels

Come into my world and imagine…

If you need help creating your quiz – HIRE KYLIE! 

She helped to take my vision and turn it into a tangible quiz. She created the questions, the flow, the results page copy, and post quiz email sequence. I was so surprised at how well she was able to take notes and turn it into content that perfectly fit my voice. She’s brilliant and will help you create a quiz you are confident in that gets results! 

Katie Zaccardi

Business Coach for Musicians

In today’s world of online marketing getting noticed is hard…but it isn’t all about who shouts the loudest.

It’s about building an emotional connection with your audience and showing them you understand them, you hear them and are there to help them.

A well designed and thought out quiz can achieve all those things and so much more.

With quiz results that are amazingly accurate, give value and provide a quick win and questions that help to reveal something about the person taking it you’re instantly fast forwarding the know, like, and trust factor in their eyes.

Follow this with a nurture strategy that tells a story and feels like chatting with a friend and you have a lead magnet that actually does its job and doesn’t sit around gathering dust on a virtual desktop.

And I’m here to help you create a Quiz Funnel Strategy that brings in leads on autopilot, converts like crazy and has you feeling like a ‘Super Trouper‘ in your corner of the Internet.

The best quizzes are filled with curiosity and intrigue.

They build on our desire to learn something about ourselves making them both clickable and shareable.


Using my proven framework CONVERT we’ll create a Quiz that gets results.
All quizzes should evoke curiosity with a clickable title that entices people to take your quiz and reveal something interesting about themselves.
Your quiz should be aligned with what you offer. You’re not trying to save the world with your lead magnet so ensure there is a clear path between your quiz and your product or services.
What does your audience need from you? How can you help them and what burning question can you answer?
People take quizzes seriously and expect to learn something from the results. The value you give will be reflected in how well your quiz converts turning leads into clients.
Understanding what to do with the information you’ve received is an important step. This is your chance to educate your leads and help them see you as the expert you are.
Building a relationship of any kind takes work. Your quiz is a chance to create an emotional connection with your audience and be their ‘go to’ person for all things related to your niche.
A quiz is only as good as the traffic it’s driving. As with all lead magnets it’s crucial to have a promotion plan for maximum visibility that attracts the right people onto your list.

Meet Josh and Teresa, two of my fabulous ‘Done For you’ Quiz Clients.

Josh Elledge

Josh is a syndicated TV consumer expert & newspaper columnist and now teaches entrepreneurs how to get on TV and in the news with free PR publicity and he wanted a quiz to help build his email list and segment his audience.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Teresa is an international speaker, podcaster and all-round digital marketing diva. She wanted to create a quiz to drive more consistent traffic and segment her audience into specific membership levels.

So what's included in our 'Done For You' Quiz Funnel Package?

Every business is unique so every quiz funnel we build is unique too.

We start off by designing your Quiz Funnel Map so we have a visual plan of all the elements your funnel will include and make a decision on the type of quiz you need.

  • A completely personalised quiz strategy to help you achieve your list building goals
  • A fully designed quiz including your big quiz title, actionable quiz results, targeted quiz questions and your irresistible quiz offer
  • Fully optimised quiz landing page and 3-4 results pages
  • Technical quiz setup and integration with Interact and your email platform or CRM
  • Development and copywriting for your email nurture campaign to ensure you create an emotional connection
  • A full promotional plan and strategy to ensure your quiz drives traffic and brings in quality leads
  • Post-quiz conversion audit (2 months after quiz launch)

My job is to make your job easier.
I’m here to get the job ‘done for you‘.

Here's how it all works

I'll take a deep dive into your ideal client, what they struggle with and what you do to help them solve it. I'll also take a look at your existing offer/s to ensure everything aligns with your brand, messaging and quiz funnel goals.
Time to look at your competitors, existing resources, gaps in the marketplace and of course where you currently fit into the overall picture. I'll then present the strategy to you for approval and agree on a delivery timeline.
Work then begins on your quiz with regular Loom updates on progress and for feedback. We'll agree your quiz title & question, develop the outcomes, write the results and map out the questions and answers.
Your quiz will be built in Interact and connected to your email platform. The copy will be written for your email nurture sequence using our storytelling method to position you as the solution to their problem.
Then we launch your quiz funnel to the world. Together with my traffic team we'll create an optimised 4 week launch campaign to give you the kickstart you need with a strategy for continued promotion.

I can’t wait to find out more about your fabulous business and the special gift you put out in the world.

It’s time to get more eyeballs on your business and money in the bank.