How to create a Quiz Funnel with a Waitlist to Launch Your Course

How to Create a Quiz Funnel that Leads to a Waitlist for your next Course launch

When I’m working with my Quiz Funnel Clients on a ‘Done For You’ quiz one of the first things we talk about is the quiz goal.

And I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before but the quiz itself is only one piece of the puzzle. It sits at the top of the Quiz Funnel driving traffic and bringing in highly qualified leads.

But to really make it work it needs a full strategy behind it with a goal for what you want your quiz takers to do once they’re in your world.

Today we’re talking specifically about Waitlist Quiz Funnels where your main goal is to get your quiz takers to register for your program, course, membership etc on a Waitlist.

How do you create your Quiz Funnel Goal?

No 1 - Think about the Quiz Journey

It’s all about your ideal client and not about you. Yes, you might want to get them on your email list and sell to them but for your quiz taker it’s all about the journey they go on with you. Think of it like an experience. How do you want them to feel at the end of that experience and what do you want them to do next?

No 2 - Start at the end and work your way backwards through your Quiz Funnel

Before you can start to drive traffic you need to know what’s at the end of the experience I just mentioned. What’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Whatever it is it needs to tie in directly with the topic of your quiz.

Let me give you an example. If you’re a productivity coach and your quiz is about helping people to become more productive you’re likely to be giving them tips on time management, different techniques for getting more done in less time etc. So it would make sense that whatever your paid offer is goes deeper into that. You wouldn’t start talking about confidence and mindset because it’s totally unrelated.

The journey needs to feel easy and as if it’s leading somewhere. There must be continuity across everything and it needs to be targeted to the problem your quiz is solving.

No 3 - Decide on the added value your Quiz Funnel will provide

Yes it starts with the quiz and you give value in your results and the emails that follow, but usually that isn’t enough yet to bring them into your paid world. They’ll need something more. This could take many different forms but again it all needs to be relevant and targeted.

Will you be sending them into a Masterclass, getting them on a Wailist, curating a playlist of specific Podcast episodes or sending them a worksheet that dives deeper into their results?

These are just some examples of ways you can add value and build the know, like & trust a bit further once someone has gone through your quiz.

How to create a Quiz Funnel for your Coaching Business

No 4 - Know what your offer is for your Quiz takers

What offer would you like to present to your quiz takers once they’ve gone through your entire quiz funnel? So they’ve read their quiz results, consumed your quiz email nurture campaign and received their added value from you, what are you going to sell them?

This is a HUGE piece of the quiz funnel puzzle because your paid offer should feel like the most natural next step for them as it’s all been building towards this. If you’ve positioned your quiz correctly, asked the right questions and given value in the results along with a quick win then this should be a no brainer decision for your quiz takers.

Bottom line, you can’t possibly start to create a Waitlist Quiz Funnel until you know the reason behind why you’re creating it. Because without a defined quiz goal those leads you worked so hard to get will simply wave goodbye saying Hasta Mañana.

So now we know why a Quiz Strategy and Quiz Goal are so important. I’d love to show you how this all looks in practice.

Meet Toby Goodman, a podcast coach, production manager, best selling author of Narrow Podcasting AND the proud owner of a brand new Waitlist Quiz Funnel.

When Toby and I chatted he wasn’t really sure about how to position his quiz or what it could do for him. He had three distinct products with three different types of clients:

  • The Book Buyers. These people buy his book on Amazon but mostly never go any further, other than to leave a very nice review.
  • The Course Takers. More often than not those taking Toby’s course are looking to DIY starting their own podcast but want some help doing it. They’re looking for a blueprint or strategy they can follow.
  • The Production Clients. These guys are high ticket and want a ‘Done For You’ podcast production service. They are definitely more established in their business and for them budget isn’t so much of an issue.

So this left us with a dilemma. There was no way on earth that a quiz could speak to all three of those audiences because each one would need different messaging and would be drawn in by different things.

Having said that there was a pathway that could work over time, and that was starting as a course taker and moving into a production client, but this was definitely a more long term plan. So a decision had to be made. 

How do you decide on a Quiz Funnel Goal when you have multiple Pathways?

The advice I gave Toby was to think about the quiz as a way to create more of a passive or semi-passive income stream. Yes the book was a no-brainer purchase that could work really well as a Sales Quiz. But the more profitable route would be to focus on the course and use an Evergreen quiz instead.

Once that decision had been made we could then start to think about the other areas of the Quiz Funnel. How would the course work? Would it be available on Evergreen all the time or would there be launches?

As there is a live element to Toby’s course it made complete sense to do several launches throughout the year and use the quiz to drive traffic to send leads into a Waitlist.

And that’s what we did. We created a Waitlist Quiz Funnel to promote Toby’s course.

From there it was time to build out the quiz itself and boy did I enjoy doing this one. You see Toby has a unique way of looking at using a podcast in your business. For him it’s all about the guest and not about the audience.

Yep you heard me correctly. His whole strategy is about using your podcast to grow your business, not your audience. He focuses on building a network of great people who will then refer you, become clients and be part of your wider community. His ethos is to shine the spotlight on your guests and have those valuable conversations. 

Now as much as I love this strategy, and trust me I do, this isn’t necessarily the easiest strategy to market with a quiz.


When creating a quiz make sure you do the SEO research first. What are people searching for on Google? What are they typing into Pinterest? What are they watching on YouTube? What questions are they asking in Facebook Groups that relate to what you do and what your quiz is likely to be about?

How do you make sure your Quiz is SEO ready?

When I did my SEO research for Toby I found that the most searched term was ‘How to start a podcast without an audience’ so that’s where I needed to start. But I also needed to keep Toby’s branding in mind too. His course is called the Profitable Pod Method and his philosophy is around growing your business and profit margins with a quiz.

So the big question was how did I put all that into a quiz title? Well this is what I came up with:

The Profitable Podcast Quiz

How to make fame and audience size irrelevant!

In just 60 seconds crack the code behind a show that grows your business without paid ads, sponsors or thousands of listeners.

But we couldn’t stop there because there was more to it than that. When we dug a bit deeper it became clear that the reason they were searching using this search term was because there was something holding them back and stopping them from starting a podcast.

So I did some more research. I dug deeper into the podcast Facebook Groups to see what concerns people had about getting started with podcasting. What were the main things holding them back? What preconceived ideas did that have about becoming a podcaster? It turns out there were four main areas:

  • Time ⏰
  • Money 💰
  • Knowledge 🤷
  • Tech 🔉

And of course, by doing this research I then knew how to focus the outcomes of my quiz and what the results would look like. No I didn’t have the finished outcome titles but I knew where things were leading to.

To really experience this quiz and how it was built you need to take the quiz for yourself. 


What other elements are in a Quiz Funnel?

Before you Toby’s quiz I do want to also talk about another element of a high converting Waitlist Quiz Funnel and that’s the Email Nurture Campaign.

Now this quiz was built using one of my favourite Quiz Building Platforms, ScoreApp, and if you want to know about other platforms I recommend just read this blog post The Three Best Quiz Funnel Software Platforms for Your Business

✨ But that isn’t the only piece of tech you need to weave a bit of quiz funnel magic. ✨

You also need a robust CRM and for me I swear by Active Campaign.

Why? Because you need to be able to do some clever things in your CRM to make the most of your quiz.

Remember a quiz is all about how you use the data you get from it so you can send super specific and targeted emails to your list. And the way you do that is to use an equally smart email marketing platform. 

One of the most important things we do when building out a Waitlist Quiz Funnel is to map all the data we collect from our quiz into the backend of Active Campaign. We do this by creating something called Custom Fields and these fields are then used within our emails so we can pull in specific information so it personalizes each email we send. This is done using personalisation tags as you can see in the image below.

Which CRM is the best to use for your Quiz Funnel


An important aspect of both your quiz platform and your CRM is that they play nicely together and have the capability to map across your quiz data and allow you to use this within your emails.

I love being able to do this for my clients as it is so powerful. It also means I don’t have to send out 4 separate emails for the quiz results. It’s one email that pulls in specific information based on the custom fields I created.

Now that’s not the only thing we can do. We can also pull the individual results URL in as a custom field and add this to a client’s profile in Active Campaign so we can send them back the quiz results page whenever we want. We do this as part of the Email Automation we create in the backend of Active Campaign.

The Power of Tagging in Your Quiz Funnel Automation

And let’s not forget the power of tagging. The last thing we want to do with our quiz takers is have them unsubscribe because we’re hammering them over the head with our CTA. So it’s important to make sure your quiz takers are tagged accordingly. 

If they register for your waitlist then tag them.

If they buy your course then tag them.

If they opt in for your Masterclass or Webinar then tag them.

If you do this you can then ask your automation to look for the tag and not send them another email about joining the waitlist, or whatever it might be. I know if people keep emailing me about something I’ve already registered for I get fed up very quickly and might even unsubscribe. Shock horror.

Below is the email nurture campaign we created for Toby as part of his Quiz Funnel. (You can click on it to enlarge it) Once the first emails are delivered we send out three specific waitlist emails but each time the automation is looking for the tag to make sure we don’t send emails that aren’t relevant. This is so important if you don’t want to see lots of unsubscribes.

Now I know this sounds like an absolute 😨 TECH NIGHTMARE 😨 but this is why they pay me the big bucks to build full quiz funnels for my clients – because my quiz brain is wired to make this all happen seamlessly for you. 

And that’s what Toby did too. He hired my team to build his quiz for him including our Quiz Launch Promo Package where we create all the promotional assets you need to get your quiz out there in the world.

So if you’re looking for a fully done for your quiz funnel to bring in targeted leads that want what it is you’re selling, then I’d love to talk to you.

Use the link below to book your Quiz Funnel Discovery Call and let’s create some quiz magic for your business. 


How to Make Your Quiz Bring in Leads on Autopilot with a little Quiz Magic


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