The three best quiz funnel software platforms for your business

You’ve decided that a quiz is the best format for your next lead magnet. Yippee! That is music to my ears. 

The next big decision you’ll need to make is what software to use. The software can make or break your quiz, so you must choose wisely.

With so many options out there it can be confusing and overwhelming. But don’t worry. Just dive into this blog, and by the end, you’ll know exactly what quiz software to choose. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

What to look for in quiz software for your quiz funnel

Let’s start with the truth – not all quiz software are created equal. Some work better for some people, some have extra functionality and some should be left well alone! The issue when you’re starting out is how to decide what you need and what quiz software is best for you.

But for every business owner, there are core functions you need to look for before signing up to quiz software. 

Let’s have a look at what these are: 

1. Landing pages as part of the quiz software 🖥

When you’re creating a quiz lead magnet you’ll need a landing page as your starting point. 

You can take a look at my quiz landing page as an example, and hey, feel free to fill out the quiz while you’re there. 😉 

A landing page is a focused web page with the only call to action being to take the quiz. If you want some juicy tips on how to create a high-converting quiz landing page, check out my blog post on reasons why your lead magnet isn’t working (and how to fix it!). 

You can’t just rely on a pop-up for your quiz to collect leads, because you can’t share a pop-up easily! Plus, a landing page which really sells your quiz tends to convert much better. 

That’s why being able to create a landing page in the same place as your quiz makes your life that smidgen easier. 

When it can all be created together, it saves you time, cuts out any integration headaches, and you know from the user point of view, it’ll be far smoother.

2. Quiz software that gives you lots of question types ❓

Variety is the spice of life and the spice of quizzes. 

Being able to mix up your question categories – multiple choice, true or false, selecting from a list – keeps your quiz interesting and also broadens the data that you’re able to collect.

Check out what each quiz software offers in terms of question types and categories to make sure there’s a good mixture in there!

3. Do you need your quiz to score your participants? 🏅

Scored quizzes allow you to tailor your user’s end result based on their answers. This works really well as you can direct your participants to the different services you offer based on how well they scored. 

This is also fun for your quiz participant as they’ll be eager to know how they scored too! 

You’d give each answer a different score and then score different bands, e.g. 0–30, 30–70, 70–100 – you get the idea! You can then tailor your messaging depending on the band someone lands in. For example, someone who scores 20 will get a different results page and messaging to someone who scores 80. 

Scoring is a handy way to segment your audience and their answers to your advantage. You’d be missing a trick if your quiz software couldn’t do that!

4. Personalised results pages that tell your participants how to improve! 🔥

The beauty of a quiz is in the ability to make it feel personal, but to do that you need personalised results pages. 

Personalised results pages are exactly what they say on the tin. They are personalised pages, with personalised content delivered depending on how your participant answered their quiz questions. 

This is what makes a quiz far superior to a PDF. Quizzes are interactive, personalised and give participants the next natural step they need to take in their journey – based on where they are right now. 

These pages are essential if you want your quiz to generate traffic and engagement and not just be an idle distraction for your audience.

5. Personalised email sequences based on someone’s score 👀

You’ve piqued your ideal client’s interest, they’ve filled out your form, they love your result and then what do you send them … a generic email sequence that everyone else gets! 

Noooooooo! Stop. I see this happen ALL. THE. TIME! And as you can see, it’s something I’m passionate about fixing. 

The beauty of quizzes is they’re personalised and interactive. Your participant feels like they’re getting something just for them and them alone. 

So to continue this blossoming relationship with your lovely new quiz participants, your follow-up email sequence must contain targeted, relevant information based on their quiz answers. 

Let’s imagine you have a quiz that helps people assess how organised they are. 

Sarah, our organisational ninja, isn’t going to be interested in emails all about the basics of getting organised, and Naomi, our organisation novice, won’t be ready for a masterclass in advanced organisational techniques. 

Personalised email sequences are the best way to nurture a relationship at the speed and level that’s best for your audience, and that’s going to be more beneficial to you in the long run.

So with that in mind, what is the best quiz software for you?

Now you understand what your quiz software should include, we now get to the nitty-gritty: what software is best for you? Let’s look at the top three. 

1. ScoreApp

How ScoreApp works a review of the quiz funnel software

ScoreApp is the new quiz software on the block, but even though it’s young, it has a lot of cool features! 

ScoreApp offers one type of quiz, a scored quiz, i.e. you give your participant a score based on their answers. To some, this may seem like a limitation, but this one type of quiz they do, they do really well! 

When paid annually, it’s £290 for their “starter package” (or £29 per month), which includes 100 responses a month. The next package up is their “advanced” package, which is £890 a year (or £89 per month) and includes 1,000 responses a month. 

It includes unlimited landing pages and a dynamic results page (that you can personalise based on your participant’s score), and you can connect it to your customer relationship management software relatively easily. 

Quick overview of ScoreApp 

  • Cost: Starts from £29 per month 
  • Templates: 25+ 
  • Hosting: Included
  • Landing pages: Included 
  • Personalised results pages: Included 
  • Reporting: Included 
  • Scored quizzes: Yes
  • Number of responses on lowest package: 100 a month

Leadquizzes quiz software review

Coming in at the pricier end of the market, LeadQuizzes has three pricing levels starting at $444 a year (or $49 per month). This includes 2,500 responses a month.

Even at its Lite level, it offers 2,500 responses a month along with all of its features – templates, many different quiz types, hosted URL, reporting – you name it, it’s got it! 

One of the reasons LeadQuizzes made my shortlist is how easy it is to create logic branches – basically, predetermined question sequences so the quiz reacts to the user’s answers. Not everyone will need this, but it’s a clever little feature. 

It doesn’t appear to offer personalised results pages, which is a shame, and they don’t offer landing pages either. Instead, they give you a code to add to your website as a pop-up, which means you’ll have to design your landing page on your own website or use software. That’s not the end of the world; it just means it’s not all in the same place. 

Quick overview of LeadQuizzes 

  • Cost: Starts from $49 per month 
  • Templates: 75+ 
  • Hosting: Included
  • Landing pages: Not included 
  • Personalised results pages: Not included 
  • Reporting: Included 
  • Scored quizzes: Yes
  • Number of responses on lowest package: 2,500 a month

With over 800 pre-made templates, Interact is an easy place to get started. You can customise your templates to ensure your quiz is fully on brand too. If you want to start from scratch, it’s straightforward with flexible questions, multiple answers and logic branching, all just a drag and drop away.

Coming in as one of the cheapest, Interact’s ‘Lite Level’ is $29 per month or $204 per year, which includes 60,000 email leads a year (5,000 per month). 

Unlike LeadQuizzes, they also offer landing pages, though the design options are quite limited at the moment (this might change in the future). 

They also offer personalised results pages, which is fab! But, again, the design options are quite limited.

Interact quizzes are all conversion-focused, making them a great tool for your lead magnet quiz.

Quick overview of Interact 

  • Cost: Starts from $29 per month 
  • Templates: 800+ 
  • Hosting: Included
  • Landing pages: Basic page included  
  • Personalised results pages: Basic page included 
  • Reporting: Included 
  • Scored quizzes: Yes
  • Number of responses on lowest package: 60,000 a year (5,000 a month) 

Don’t just take my word for it, go and have a look for yourself. It’s the same for any software – different people prefer different options. Just make sure you’re clear on what functions you need to begin with and check your quiz software can meet your requirements. 

Most importantly, keep in mind the world of opportunities, and leads, that this quiz will generate for you, and don’t take too long making your decision. Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time!

I’m going to be honest with you, successful quizzes ain’t about the software!

Okay, I get it, choosing the right quiz software and understanding the tech is not an easy task. But the software is not what makes your quiz successful. What makes your quiz successful is the topic, the copy, the questions you ask, how you teach people throughout the quiz and what data you want to capture. Phew! 

All that can feel pretty overwhelming, right? 

Well, I have a quiz that can help with that 😉

Take my quiz to find out  which ‘Quiz Funnel Strategy‘ will bring in leads on autopilot and convert like crazy! 

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