How to build a data-driven marketing strategy using quizzes 

Data. It sounds so grown-up, okay and maybe a little bit boring (but it doesn’t have to be!)

We need data to be at the heart of our business. Without it we’re just guessing. Data needs to drive our decisions, our strategy and our services to make sure that we’re really fulfilling a need for our customers.

Luckily, we can use tools, like quizzes, to gain that insight in a fun, engaging way. Helping our audience feel like they’ve got something of value, while making sure we get something of value too.

And if you think data is boring, that’s because you haven’t used a quiz! I have clients who, like me, are word-nerds. Numbers ain’t our thing! And yet, we all love the data we get from quizzes, because the data you get from a quiz gives you real insight into how your audience are feeling, their problems, their goals and their worries. It’s as far from numbers as you can possibly get!

So if you’ve never given any thought to data or the power of an online quiz then now’s the time to start.

What is a data-driven marketing strategy?

Let’s go back to the start to try and unpick data-driven marketing. 

Data-driven marketing strategy. It sounds quite formal, doesn’t it? But all it means is using data as the base for a strategy or plan. When I say data I mean customer preferences, insights, broader trends and things like that. Giving you a starting point to craft your strategy around. 

It’s all about using real-world data to make sure you’re in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right person about the right thing. 

If you’re doing that, then you’re going to be more efficient, achieve better results and ultimately, be more successful.

What are some examples of data-driven marketing?

Let’s use an example to bring it to life a bit. Let’s say that you are launching a new service. You’ve got the idea in your head, but you haven’t spoken to anyone about it. Instead, you’re just going to do what you think is right even though you aren’t your target audience.

Hands up if you think that will work? Exactly.

Now let’s compare that to when you want to launch a new service. In this version, you go out and speak to your target customer, do your research and then look at the answers. Off the back of that, you can see that they aren’t 100% sold on your idea, but if you change it slightly and tweak the messaging, then they love it. That’s data-driven marketing at work.

The problem is, that interviewing people 1-2-1 (although hugely beneficial) is incredibly time-consuming. And that’s where quizzes come in because with a quiz, you can collect data at scale automatically. 

Plus, unlike a 1-2-1 conversation where your interviewee doesn’t typically get anything in return–apart from a lovely chat with you, of course–a quiz gives your audience something highly valuable. 

You get juicy data that gives you a unique insight into your audience (that your competitors don’t have). 

Your audience get their quiz results, which, if positioned correctly, give them tons of value and tell them the next steps they need to take. 

It’s a win-win for all! 

But first, what are the benefits of data-driven marketing?

Sure, you can create a marketing strategy without data but I promise you it won’t be as good as one rooted in it. Here are a few more reasons why it’s the starting point for your marketing:

1. Helps you to segment your audience

When you know what really matters to a group of people then you can start creating content directly for that audience. Whether that’s emails directly to them or blogs addressing those issues. Specific content for a specific audience is only ever a good thing and it’ll help build trust with that group, without them being bored or put off by irrelevant content. 

This is where quizzes come in, because it’s super-duper easy to segment your audience based on how they answer your quiz questions! Perfect!

2. Helps you to know what’s working and, more importantly, what isn’t

Just because you think it’s a great idea that doesn’t mean it is. Having the data to back up your brainwave or to help you turn it into something people want is invaluable.

You can easily establish this with a quiz by asking questions around the products or services that you offer (and understanding your audiences desire around these products or services).

3.Helps you be more consistent

Understanding what you’re offering and knowing that there’s a desire for it helps tighten up your marketing. And when your marketing is tighter, it’s more relevant, and you’re more consistent with it. Suddenly you understand that one thing your audience needs from you, and you can keep giving it back to them.

This is exactly what a quiz allows you to do, you’re constantly questioning your audience–in a nice way, of course–and gaining insight into their minds every single day. Knowing your products and services can help them gives you a HUGE amount of confidence.

4. Helps you reach the right people

There might be times when the data you get back doesn’t tally with what you expected. It might be that your audience is slightly different from who you thought you were talking to, or that they’re interested in something that overlaps with your offering, but it’s not quite the same. You can then take that data to inform your marketing and your services to make sure you’re definitely talking to the right people for you.

For example, let’s say you offer a done-for-you and a DIY service. You can make sure you’re offering your more expensive ‘done for you’ service to the right people and your DIY service to other people.

How can quizzes help you gather data?

It’s common sense to do some research and then craft your marketing strategy around that data. 

But how do you get that data in the first place? 

Some of it is easy, and you may have found helpful data from other sources online. But understanding attitudes, buying preferences, behaviours – oomph, that’s hard to find. Or is it?

This is where quizzes come in. You see, the beautiful thing about quizzes is that as much as your audience will feel like they’ve gained something from completing it, you get something too. Shiny, relevant data that you can use to inform your marketing strategy. 

When you create a quiz you’re in charge of the questions. If you want to find out more about your audience’s attitude towards coaching or their understanding of the difference between coaching and mentoring then you can set questions to explore that. 

But only as long as you’re using the right type of question to get the data you need. There are two different types of data you can have – qualitative and quantitative. 

Qualitative is your free flow questions with an open text box where you end up with sentences. This is great to pull out key words or phrases that your audience are using. Then when you use those phrases back to them there’s a flash of recognition and they feel understood and seen. An amazing way to build connection and trust.

Quantitative is hard core data. It’s select from a list, rank these 1-5 – anything which gives you data that you can analyse – where you can say 7 out of 10 respondents felt this. This data type will give you trends and allow you to draw comparisons and conclusions. You need both types to really inform your marketing strategy and to help you understand your audience fully.

Once you’ve had a volume of responses you can take that data and analyse it. Pull out trends or commonly held beliefs that will then give you the fuel to hone your messaging, your services and your marketing and make it really hit home for your audience. 

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How can you use that data for marketing your business better?

Without data, you’re relying on your assumptions to make business decisions. That might work every now and then, but long term, you need data to be strategic, purposeful and to help make your business better. 

Taking all of that juicy data from your quiz, you might discover that your audience hates social media or that your new service doesn’t have the perceived value to justify the price tag. Those are both things you can address in your marketing strategy…but you’d never have known they were issues if you didn’t look at the data first.

Data can be the answer that you didn’t know you were looking for. It can make every part of your business better, more efficient and more focused towards your audience. In other words, data has the potential to make your business exponentially better.

A real-life example of using a data-driven quiz that made $78,000

I was lucky enough to work with marketing and business geniuses Andrew & Pete from ATOMIC.

They made $78,000 from one email in a week using their Quiz, The Atomic Success Predictor, which all members take as part of their Atomic Membership.

They used the power of segmentation the quiz gave them as it allowed them to pre-qualify their leads to see if they were the right fit for their new program along with whether they had the finances to invest.

With just one email and a few sales calls, they sold out the program in a week and had an AMAZING $78,000 launch with minimal effort required! 

But more than that, their members absolutely loved the quiz too, because they actually got something of value from it and could see, clearly, the areas they needed to work on in their business. 

This brings me to my next point…

The potential pitfalls when it comes to data-driven quizzes

So you want to create a quiz that gives you lots of juicy data on your audience. Hurray! 

BUT… here are two big issues I spot when it comes to quizzes. 

  1. People don’t ask the right questions to get good data. They have a quiz, but the questions are a little..meh. And they don’t get the data they need. 
  2. They focus ONLY on getting as much data as they can from their quiz participant, which means their participant doesn’t get much value, and inevitably abandons the quiz. Eeeeek. 

There’s a delicate balance between providing your audience with value AND getting data you can use in your marketing. You have to hit it just right, which is exactly why people hire me!

How can I help you design a quiz that gives you the most insightful data?

I firmly believe that a quiz is a great way to get that insight out of your audience, but you need to ask the right questions, on the right topic, in the right way. That can be hard. Especially if this is your first quiz!

You’re in luck, though. I work with people just like you to design and launch quizzes that are packed with curiosity. Whether you want everything done for you or you’re happy to do it yourself with just a little pinch of help, I’m waiting. 

Head over to my packages page and take a peek, then book your discovery call and start to explore the wonderful, data-driven world of marketing quizzes.

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