Building Brand Awareness with a Quiz

You’ve come up with a business idea, you’ve created an amazing website and you’re ready to launch your brand out there in the world. 

You press publish and wait with bated breath for people to flock to your site. 

And nothing happens….

You can’t understand it. You know everyone needs what you’ve just created so why aren’t they banging down your virtual door?

Unfortunately, the term “build it and they’ll come” does not apply to a brand new website. If people don’t know you exist they aren’t going to be looking for you.

Until you’re ranking from an SEO point of view and Google is crawling your site and pushing you up the rankings you’ll remain anonymous.

And that’s where the mighty quiz comes in.

How does a Quiz help create a buzz around a new website?

In two words intrigue and curiosity. A quiz when used as a lead magnet (read more about the ins and outs of lead magnets here) is a great way to build awareness and generate a buzz.

As humans we’re wired in a way that makes us curious. So if we have the chance to learn something about ourselves or reveal something meaningful, then we’re likely to take action.

A quiz when done well is filled with curiosity and should ask a burning question you know your audience has. One they’ll take the time to click on in order to get the answer.

The key is to drive traffic to your website with the quiz then get them on your email list, so you can start to build that all important relationship with them.

Then when you promote your quiz on social media, through Facebook Ads, or as “the lead magnet you talk about” when you’re a guest on a podcast, speaker on a virtual summit or the guest expert in someone’s membership, it becomes an amazing way to let people know you exist.

This then builds that buzz we talked about.

How do you create a quiz for a new product or service?

It’s like anything you do in business it comes down to knowing your ideal client and the problem you solve for them.

As I said earlier a quiz that generates leads has to answer a question your audience has. It needs to be the solution to their problem or a fix for their challenge.

Get this right and you’re onto a winner. 

Of course, you then need to provide them with some very real value. Identifying their issue is great but on it’s own doesn’t achieve very much. The key is to know what you’re going to give them in the results that will keep them hooked and have them searching in their Inbox for your emails when they arrive.

To show you what I mean let’s look at one I prepared earlier.

When is the right time to create a quiz for your business?

For me, the answer to that question really does come down to one thing, knowing the goal of your quiz.

Last year after many years of thinking about it I decided to write a book about my experience of living in rural France. This book has been living inside me for a long time and 2023 was going to be the year I actually did something about it.

I’ve received so many questions over the years from family, friends and colleagues about what life was like in the Charente. How we’d managed to make it work and did I really eat croissants for breakfast every day that it was time to tell my story, warts and all.

That decision made I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just writing the book. It would need to be a form of income, loosely translated in my head as best seller, and therefore would need some publicity.

How was I going to do that?

Well, I was going to need a website to hook people into my world and that website would need to be found. Enter “Living the French Dream Quiz”.

I knew the ultimate goal for my quiz was to act as a lead magnet for my book. BUT and this is the big BUT I wanted to start building my audience ASAP. I didn’t want to wait till my book was published. I wanted an email list of eager readers who would all pre-order my book before it was published.

The only way to do this was to make them aware of me, my storytelling skills, and for them to become invested in the story I was telling.

And that was the goal of my quiz.

That decision made I set about creating my quiz.

Deciding on the audience who will take your quiz

The first thing I needed to do once I’d decided on the goal of my quiz was to think about the people who would be interested in taking it.

This wasn’t going to be so different from the audience who would hopefully want to read my book, and I’d identified that they fell into three categories:

  • Retirees looking to up sticks and relocate to France for a bit of the good life and to enjoy the countryside. Some did this with a generous pension and others were looking to live off the land being more frugal.
  • Dreamers who just LOVE everything French and France, often referred to as Francophiles. They live vicariously through others who are living their dream and devour all content on the topic.
  • Adventurers looking to start a business AND a new life in France – I fall into this category. Although I was continuing an existing business rather than starting a new one. This group aren’t at retiring stage. In some cases, they have young families and want to make the move sooner rather than later so their kids can settle easily. I have a few friends who fall into this category.

So what was the BIG question my quiz was asking?

Thinking about the three groups in my audience the question I asked needed to appeal to all of them.

Not an easy task. Some of my audience would be looking to take the plunge and move to France, whilst others would just be looking to dream from afar.


And then the word daydream came into my head. All of my audience members would have spent time daydreaming about France and my quiz needed to appeal to that daydream.

Slowly but surely the question for the quiz formed in my mind.

Next comes the Quiz Outcomes and Quiz Results

So now I knew the audience I was aiming my quiz at, the goal, and the big curiosity based question to reel them in. So next comes the all important results.

Well for me this is where the fun really came in. Living as I do in the Charentes region of South West France I knew it was this area I wanted to write about.

There were already so many blogs, books, and websites featuring places like Paris and Provence, but nobody was writing about my region in the Poitou Charentes. And yet, more and more people were flocking to the area, asking questions about where to go, what to do, where to stay etc.

Thinking about how to structure my outcomes I needed to break down this area so the results gave them the perfect place to visit or live based on their likes and dislikes.

This was when I decided to focus my outcomes on the four old regions that made up South West France, Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes. 

How much is too much when it comes to Quiz Results?

Good question. This really depends on the goal of your quiz and your audience. But rule of thumb for me is to make sure you do these things:

  • Show empathy and acknowledge where they’re currently at in their journey
  • Give value, advice and show them a way forward
  • Build an emotional connection to build trust
  • List some action steps and give them a quick win
  • Help them visualise the transformation

The quiz results for this quiz are a little differently structured than most of the quizzes I create because it’s a different style of quiz.

We have the announcement of the results where I ask them to close their eyes and imagine. This is followed by an evocative description of the region that draws them in and helps them to become invested.

Then we move onto a section about the weather. I know that a lot of my audience are drawn to the South West of France due to the huge amount of sunshine we get each year.

The next section give them specialities from the region focusing on the food and drink and the stories behind them.

Then of course, there has to be a little bit of intrigue and fun, so I highlight a myth or legend from that region and the history behind it.

Naturally everyone wants to know the best place to visit so the quiz features three towns or cities to visit, and why they’re recommended. We then move on to dates for the diary. Here you’ll find some fun, little known festivals like the strawberry festival (Fete de la Fraise Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne).

Finally, there are the standard sections all my quizzes have, the person behind the quiz and the final CTA. 

What shouldn't your Quiz Results include?

The one thing your results pages aren’t about is selling. Whilst I encourage you to have a CTA at the bottom of your results, I’m talking about a micro action. It needs to be something that’s appropriate to the know, like, trust you have so far.



Remember, a quiz sits at the top of the Sales Funnel and drives traffic. Your emails that come with the quiz are where you nurture and build that trust, and then you move into the sales phase at the bottom of the funnel. Read more about Sales Funnels here >>>


Writing Emails for your Quiz Funnel

Writing emails to nurture your audience after they’ve taken your quiz is the bit most people dread. And it isn’t easy.

I have a strategy I use that I’ve built on over the years and has worked well for my clients. It’s the ability to write copy that connects and keeps people wanting to stay in your world. For me that involves telling stories that entertain, educate and allow people to get to know the person behind the brand.

This article will help, 11 Easy Copywriting Tips for your Quiz Lead Magnet

Which Quiz Platform did I use?

I generally recommend two different quiz platforms, ScoreApp and Interact. Both of them work well and play nicely with Active Campaign, my favourite CRM.

Why did I use ScoreApp? For this quiz I didn’t need the results pages to be hosted on my website and I wanted an all in one platform, which ScoreApp is. They have an easy to use drag and drop system with designed elements for you to use to build out your results pages.

They are also the perfect option if you don’t have a website designer on hand to design your results page, which if you’re choosing to DIY your quiz can be really helpful.

So there you have it. A different type of quiz for building brand awareness for a new website and building an audience ready for launching my book.

All that remains now is for you to take the Living the French Dream Quiz to see exactly how I’ve laid it all out, and of course to see which region in South West France is right for you.

And if you want to follow along with my adventures in France then feel free to check out the website I’d love to see you there.

My Life in Rural France >>>

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