11 Easy Copywriting Tips for Your Quiz Lead Magnet

Copywriting tips for quizzes

It’s the battle of the year. The one you’ve all been waiting for

We all write all the time. So what’s the big deal?

Creating copy for your quiz funnel is slightly different from your essays at school. For a start, there’s more at stake. Your copy needs to be tailored for your audience–those fab few that you desperately want to work with. Most importantly, it needs to inspire them to take action.

And that’s a lot trickier than you think.

So let’s not wait any longer. It’s time to delve into the wild world of copywriting and share some pearls of wisdom on how to improve your quiz copy.

Why is copy so important for your quiz?

Woman at a desk with her laptop, writing the copy for her quiz.

The answer to this is really simple. You can have the most beautifully designed quiz on the most engaging topic, but if it doesn’t read right, doesn’t make sense or sounds a bit pants, then what’s the point?

One of the biggest misconceptions about quiz funnels is that it’s all about the tech. That’s the part that has to be right. Nope, it’s the copy. Quiz funnels are made or broken on the quality of the copy–you can quote me on that!

The simple truth is that…..

if you want people to finish your quiz, you need good copy!
if you want people to take your quiz, you need good copy!
if you want people to remember you and fall in love with you, you need good copy!

A quiz funnel’s purpose is to draw people into your technicolour world. Can tech do that? Of course not. But words can.

The tech is the framework. The copy is the colour, the joy, the emotion. It’s what brings everything together and paints a picture in your audience’s mind. Yes, you need flawless tech, but you have to have good copy. Actually, no not good – great.

After all, it’s the specific language you use, the words, the terminology, the problems you unpack that people will relate to. Not which software package you use.

Tips for your quiz landing page copy

Landing pages can be a slippery beast.

They’re critical to persuading your audience to pop their details in, which puts an awful lot of pressure on them. It’s much harder to perform under that pressure. So, here are my best tips to create cracking copy for your quiz landing page.

1. Emotions: think about how your audience feels right now and how you want them to feel after your quiz. What emotions are driving them to take action? Once you understand that, you’ll be able to weave that into the words you choose and the problems and solutions you feature on your landing page.

2. Headlines: one of the hardest things to write. My advice? Your headline needs to spark intrigue and hook people in. Don’t make it too long or waffley. Make it crystal clear what your quiz will deliver to your participant, and most importantly, be positive. No one likes doom and gloom!

3. Expectations: is your quiz going to take 10 minutes or an hour? There’s a big difference, so be open and honest with your participants and make sure you let them know before they sign up what they’re in for.

4. Benefits: people don’t want to hand over their details if they aren’t getting anything in return. To clinch the deal, you need to persuade them that what they’ll get in return is of real value to them. You need to spell it out to them, clearly, and tell them exactly what they’ll get out of handing over their details and time to you.

5. Proof: there’s nothing like social proof to win over someone on the fence. Share some testimonials from others who’ve been in their position, let them do the talking.

Copywriting tips for your quiz questions

Each part of your copy in your quiz funnel has a different part to play. The questions are about taking your participant slowly and carefully through the journey.

It’s not the time for heap loads of copy or fancy words. It’s also not the time to assume their emotions or decisions. Use these tips to help write your quiz questions.

6. Simple: you want your questions to be clear, simple and easy to understand. Leave the puns, jargon and lengthy copy for another time. Short, sweet and simple.

7. Pace: it can take time for your participants to relax into the quiz. Start with easier questions and work your way up to the more thought-provoking questions.

8. Challenge: we want our participants to get to the end of our quiz and feel like they’ve learned something new or been challenged to think differently. You don’t want every question to be that deep but try to think of some ‘triggering’ questions to make your participants stop, think and learn.

Tips for your quiz results page

Ah, the results page. The finale, the climax. This is what your audience will remember. This is your moment to shine. By this stage, your audience is committed. They’ve given you their details and spent time on your quiz. They’re eager to learn more. You need to capitalise on that, and here’s how.

9. Positivity: if your quiz is scored make sure you’re positive, even if it’s a low score! Give them advice on how to improve and pull out the bright side – there will be one.

10. You: you want to throw bucketloads of your personality onto this page. Think about sitting down with a friend over a steaming cup of coffee and having a natter. That’s the tone you need. No formality, no barriers, just pure unadulterated you. They’ll love it.

11. Next: now what? Give them clear, easy, actionable steps to take. If that’s buying something from you, then go for it – don’t beat around the bush. You aren’t forcing them to do anything, just clearly showing them the option.

Yes, make your quiz beautiful. Yes, make sure the tech works perfectly. But more than anything else, make sure the words are right.

The magic of your quiz funnel, its success, relies on the copy you use. The words and phrases that bring the journey you’re creating to life. They need to be spot on. Not an afterthought.

Like all things, good copy isn’t easy and takes time and practice.

I hope the tips I’ve shared help, but if you’re still struggling, my Done For You Quiz Funnel service includes all the content you need to create your whole quiz funnel. So if words aren’t your thing, you can pass it all on to me. 

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