6 Reasons why your lead magnet funnel isn’t working (and how to fix it!)

Firstly, don’t worry. Even though marketers everywhere tell you lead magnet funnels are the best way to generate leads and sales for your business, they can be tricky little things. 

You’ve probably spent a long time putting together your lead magnet funnel–creating the lead magnet, designing a landing page, writing that never-ending email sequence–it all takes time and energy. And it’s hugely disappointing when all that time and energy doesn’t pay off, right?

I get it. But luckily, if your lead magnet funnel isn’t working, there’s likely an easy fix.

There are usually just one or two things that go wrong with a lead magnet funnel. It could be a case of leading a horse to water (i.e. your landing page), but they just don’t want to download what’s in front of them! Or maybe you’ve got all the wrong people downloading your lead magnet? 

Once you identify what those things are, you can tweak a few bits here and change a few things there, and voilá–you’ve got a lead magnet funnel that acts as the best salesperson for your business, delivering leads 24/7.  

Better yet, I’ll cover what these potential lead magnet problems are below. And I’ll also go through one of the best ways to fix your lead magnet funnel. 

How? I hear you cry! By using a quiz, of course. Let’s dig in! 

What is a lead magnet funnel?

If you aren’t familiar with the term lead magnet funnel, don’t worry. It’s just a way of describing the process of getting prospective customers in the door by downloading a lead magnet and then nurturing them through emails. Through your emails, you’ll transform them from prospects into customers. Simple.  

The whole process kicks off from your lead magnet. Whether that’s a PDF worksheet, webinar or quiz (we’ll come back to this one later!) As soon as your prospective customers find themselves on your landing page, they’re about to fall into your shiny, exciting funnel. 

But don’t be fooled; lead magnet funnels can be challenging. There are lots of areas that can go wrong, and that can put off your prospective customers. They can be a lot of work to set up, and if you aren’t going to get a result, you can be left feeling like you’ve wasted your time. 

Why your lead magnet funnel isn’t working

Of course, there are many reasons why your lead magnet funnel isn’t performing. 

But having poured over A LOT of lead magnet funnels in my time, I’ve discovered that there are a few common problems most clients struggle with. I’ve pulled out the main issues for you here:

1. Your lead magnet is boring or not needed 

Sorry, not sorry. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sometimes you’ve just gotta say it how it is. When you use a standard PDF download, it’s boring. 

Your audience feels like they’ve seen it a million times before and probably already downloaded something similar or even the same. Your lead magnet becomes white noise, disappearing into the ether. 

2. You haven’t conveyed the benefits of downloading it 

Yes, it’s free, but you’ve still got to sell it. Remember, you may not be asking someone to spend money on your lead magnet, but you are asking them to spend time on it (which is even more precious if you ask me). 

That’s why you have to offer some compelling reasons for people to use your lead magnet. What exactly does your audience get out of it? What transformation will they see from before using it to after using it? Why is it worth their time? 

If you haven’t explained this fully and succinctly to your audience, this could be why it’s not getting the number of downloads you’d like!

3. Your landing page isn’t compelling enough

No matter how good your lead magnet is, people won’t click download if your landing page doesn’t sell it well enough.

The best landing pages follow a few simple rules, including: 

  • Make it clear what the lead magnet actually is–i.e. make sure people know exactly what they’re getting. 
  • Convey the benefits of downloading the lead magnet to the website user so they know exactly what’s in it for them.
  • Feature an image of the lead magnet, even if it’s not tangible, such as an image of a computer with something inside it.
  • Have a clear call-to-action that stands out on the page, using actionable copy like ‘get your score for free right now’ rather than ‘download.’ 
  • Features ‘social proof’ to build trust with your audience. This could be logos from people you’ve worked with, places you’ve been featured, or even testimonials from people who have used your lead magnet and loved it! 
  • Offers nowhere else for the user to go–there should be zero links to other pages on your website and no menu at the top.
  • Feature a picture of you to build trust and to help people see who they’re giving their information to. 
  • Tell them how long it will take to work through the lead magnet–time is precious, so tell people how long it will take. The less time, the better! 

If you want to learn more about creating landing pages that convert, Melissa Love a brand and design specialist, did some fantastic training all about this in my free Facebook Group.

But how do you know if your landing page is turning people off? 

The best thing to do is go to your Google Analytics and look at your landing page’s bounce rate (that’s how long people spend on your page before they leave it). If it’s high, then play around with your page and tweak it using the rules above. Make sure you get everything just right! 

Want an example of a good lead magnet landing page?

It’s sometimes hard to visualise a good lead magnet landing page, so here’s an example! You can see a quiz landing page I’ve designed just here. It includes a clear headline, benefit, image, social proof, picture of me and more. It ticks all the boxes of what a good lead magnet landing page should include. 

Yes, I’m tooting my own horn here. But I do this for a living, so it makes sense that my landing pages work and convert! 

Oh, and feel free to take the quiz while you’re there! 😉

4. Your emails are too broad

You need to understand who is downloading your lead magnet. Because if you don’t know this, how will you create an effective email sequence? People might be downloading your lead magnet in their hundreds, but if you aren’t collecting vital info, which, let’s face it, involves asking your audience lots of questions, then you’re never going to know what their problems are and how you can solve them.

This is why it’s so DIFFICULT to write an email sequence based on a generic, broad lead magnet–because you have very little idea why someone is there or what they’re truly struggling with. 

That’s why it’s important your lead magnet gives you lots of lovely data about your lead because only then can you write an email sequence that truly speaks to them. 

5. Your audience isn’t using your lead magnet

Do you know that you have to work hard to get people to open your lead magnet and actually use it? 

For consulting services, the average email open rate is just above 20%. Yes, this will be higher if you have a lead magnet, but it still means a lot of people won’t open it. 

Think about it, you download a lead magnet, and oh, something new and shiny on the internet for you to look at–how lovely! 

Then by the time you’ve got to your inbox, that lead magnet has been bumped to the bottom of the email pile or ended up in the ‘promotions’ tab that no one checks or even ended up in spam! 

And even then, getting someone to click on the download within the email and digest your lead magnet is difficult. Realistically, how many people do you think do this? Not many!

6. You aren’t making your audience feel loved 💔

Traditional lead magnets aren’t bespoke. They’re templates for a wide audience. That means your prospective customers must do a lot of work to apply the learnings and information to their own situation. 

People don’t want to spend that much time doing something. They want to be given all the answers that apply only to them straight away. If it’s too much work, they’ll just walk on by.

Essentially, your lead magnet must make their lives much easier, not much harder. Does your lead magnet do this? Or does it just add to the confusion? 

How can a quiz help your lead magnet funnel perform better?

We’re all strivin’ for the sky, no taste for humble pie.” Never a truer word has been uttered by Abba (yes, I’m a HUGE fan). 

When we create a lead magnet funnel, we want it to be successful. Actually, no, not just successful, we want it to explode with leads who are the perfect fit for us. You’re not spending all this time crafting it, only for it to fail. 

That’s why one of the best ways to improve the performance of your lead magnet funnel is to use a quiz.

You see, a quiz provides you with so many juicy details about your audience, and you can use those insights to tweak and tailor your email sequence to them.

From the results and the answers provided by your prospective customers, you can understand what their problems are, what their goals are and who they are. That insight is invaluable to the performance of your lead magnet funnel. And I can guarantee that you won’t get that level of insight with a boring old worksheet. 

Give your audience an experience they’ll LOVE through a quiz

Remember flicking through magazines in your teen years, and you’d spy a quiz to find out your latest celeb crush or what flavour lip balm you were? Was that a question that was already in your mind? Did you spend hours worrying about it? No, of course not. But as soon as you saw that question, you were curious and intrigued about the answer, and that’s why you did it. 

The same goes for a more business-focused quiz. Your headline question needs to spark something in your audience, and then they won’t be able to help themselves but pour out their hearts into their quiz answers. 

The advantage with this bespoke method is that a quiz is interactive and responds to the participants. Unlike a standard template lead magnet that doesn’t change, a quiz reveals something about the participants and their situation. It creates a sense of value that encourages them to share it, dig deeper, and become more interested in the solution you put in front of them. Your quiz participant feels special and moves a step closer from being a prospective customer to a precious customer. 

By the time you send them your first email as part of your email sequence, your new lead is already highly invested in you, fallen for you, and felt like they’ve had a one-to-one conversation with you through the quiz. 

They’re more likely to head straight to their inbox and mark you as someone they want to hear from. They’ll read your emails, consume your content, and become not just a customer, but a super fan. 

How do you find the right idea for your quiz?

The challenge then becomes finding an idea that sparks curiosity and has the potential to impart value to your audience. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, but it’s definitely doable, particularly when you’ve got the right support.

My Facebook group, Lead Magnet Quiz Ideas for 6 Figure+ Online Coaches, is just the place to give you that support. The group is for you if :

The group is for you if: 

 Your last course or membership launch flopped 

🚀 You’re struggling to fill your diary with clients

🚀 You’d love to grow your email list with less effort

This is NOT for you if: 

⛔️ You don’t know your ideal client

⛔️ You’re not confident in your offer

⛔️ You practise icky sales techniques