7 Figure Quiz Funnel Formula

If you’re like most marketers, you might feel stuck in the same old online marketing strategies. You probably know they aren’t working that well, but it’s hard to see a way out of your current situation. 

However, quiz funnels are an effective alternative to traditional lead generation, and sales funnel strategies can provide real value for your ideal clients while also providing a new opportunity for connection and relationship building. 

Let’s face it the quiz has been around for a long time. There is just something really addictive about putting your knowledge to the test or discovering more about yourself…

Take the quiz

With the advent of the internet, there has been a boom in online quizzes, and they continue to grow and be a part of our digital lives. Most people are drawn to them as we have this deep need to secure a deeper understanding of who we are and why we do what we do. They can also be fun and interactive which makes our need to have a go more addictive.

They can help to flesh out a person’s life story, and as people like tidy stories that they can develop into their own biographies. Online quizzes can give us the freedom to express ourselves and to make our own choices so we are in control of how our story is unfolding.

They are a way to ‘diagnose’ a person’s situation so that you can prescribe the solution because you’re basically tapping into the power of self-discovery, inviting people to discover something about themselves, so that you can ultimately sell something to that person, but also better serve them at the same time.

So, how can we, as marketers, use them to increase conversion rate and collect more subscribers and increase traffic? According to Kissmetrics quizzes are the most engaging content on Facebook group pages. Over a period of 6 months, they found quizzes collected the most likes more than any other type of media and became the means of converting potential leads into guaranteed customers.

Quizzes are more engaging than other free content, as users want to interact with them, and in turn, they create new leads for you.

Why Quizzes?

We have touched on this but let’s delve a bit deeper and find out why high converting quizzes that convert visitors into leads, can also help you increase your email lists and have more success in sending prospects to your landing page.

So, let’s look at some of the metrics. As serious marketers, we need to generate leads for our online business. The average quiz has been shown to have an average 34% lead capture rate, but traditionally they can be much higher. They are an interactive piece of content and a CMI survey has found that over 80% of respondents agree that this type of content grabs users’ attention more effectively.

The other natural points are that in fact, they are fun! Scrolling through your social media channels you are more likely to click on something that is fun and entertaining, than any other pop-up. In fact, the average quiz on Facebook has been shared over 1900 times! So, why not save on those Facebook ads and start using a quiz, as they are a great lead magnet to insert in that post or as a free intro. People will invest their time in completing a quiz rather than spend time reading a 12 page free guide.

Using a Quiz as a Sales Funnel

The fact of the matter is that the humble quiz is here to stay, they’re not going anywhere. If you don’t agree or think they are too hard to construct or use in a sales funnel, think again, look at the facts.

7 Figure Quiz Funnels

Interactive content, as we have shown, is the future of internet marketing. How many times do people share your blog post content? Exactly! Not the 1900 times which is the average a quiz gets shared. In a recent CMI survey, 75% of marketing specialists agreed that their company or business will increase their use of interactive content due to the success rates.

Another reason to use them is that you get more in-depth insights into your target audience – you can glean from a quiz far more about your client’s needs and desires than through other content. It is actually like using a survey, but it’s fun and interactive!

Another powerful addition is that it allows you to segment your email list. For example, you have an online business that teaches coaches and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. Someone starting out has completely different needs from someone already up and running successfully. Using a quiz you can find out who your audience is and make sure you get them on the right list.

The Quiz Funnel Formula
7 Figure Quiz Funnels

Before we get into using a quiz as a sales funnel, let’s just clarify what marketing using funnels is all about… Basically, a marketing funnel is a pathway that is designed by you, and a potential client follows that pathway to eventually become your customer or client.

The stages of a marketing funnel, although they have various names, are based on the following five steps.

  1. Someone becomes aware of your business;
  2. They start to learn a bit more about your business;
  3. They start to compare your product or service against others;
  4. They decide to purchase from your business;
  5. They become a loyal customer and tell their friends about your business.

It is called a funnel because of the shape that is driven by the number of customers falling into each section.

For example, in the awareness stage, at the top of the funnel, you will have more people and as you move down to the loyal customer stage this will get less and less.

So, How Different is a Quiz Marketing Funnel?

In any sales funnel, it usually begins with some form of lead magnet. A lead magnet is usually described as anything that will attract your ideal customer and persuade them to part with their email address. These could be anything from a webinar, e-book, checklist etc.

In a quiz funnel, the quiz is the lead magnet. The awareness of your business is created via the quiz.

You capture their email address as they subscribe to get the answers to the quiz.

A quiz is not just for the awareness stage of a marketing funnel though. You can insert a quiz at any point in the marketing funnel. And a quiz will give you a greater understanding of your customer and their needs even after they have made a purchase from you.

Benefits Of A Quiz Funnel

Using a quiz funnel has many advantages.

A Quiz Generates Interest

Most people love a good quiz! If your quiz can offer them more information about their personality, challenges and identify their capabilities, they will take the quiz and at the same time relinquish that treasured email address.

A Quiz Helps Segment Your Target Audience

Consumers are much savvy than they used to be about online marketing techniques. They are more careful than ever about who they will let have access to any information. This means business owners need to be more creative in how they present their products and services.

This is one of the reasons that taking a personalized approach is really important. Talking to your audience as if they are an individual and not just one of the hoard is really important no matter what your business is selling.

Using a segmentation strategy in your email marketing campaigns, lets you achieve this, and quizzes are a great way to start this process.

A Quiz Can Act As A Sequel To A Sale

If someone takes part in a product quiz there’s a better likelihood that they have some interest in the product that you are selling. This means they are more likely to convert into a sale.

Quiz Funnels

So, in using a quiz funnel there are certain steps you need to take to insure your quiz funnel is set up correctly.

Quiz Funnels

You should really take a bit of time and map out the different parts of your quiz funnels. Quiz funnels need some serious thought so make sure you spend a bit of time planning.

You also have to make sure that people are aware of your quiz. This can be achieved through many methods such as social media channels, website pop-ups, and blog posts. Make sure your quiz is a central feature of your website, and ensure that you have many opportunities for visitors to take part in your quiz.

When posting your quiz to social media channels make sure you create an eye-catching post that is appealing to a lot of people – you want to get as many people into your quiz funnel as possible, and then convert them into your business’ customers.

Another brilliant tactic is to get your users to share on their own social media accounts, so you could encourage them to share their quiz results.

The other option for social media is to use paid ads to spread the word.

Quizzes as a Lead Generation Tool

So, we have established that the quiz funnel can be an amazing tool for collecting email addresses and getting potential customers into your business’ funnel, but there are some steps you need to take to put together this amazing quiz…

Lead Generation Tool

One of the first things you should do is to make sure the quiz is super relevant to your website, and that any potential audience that may visit it is a serious sales prospect.

  • Choose a super catchy quiz title and really on-topic that’s relevant to your business
  • Make the results of the quiz insightful for the user, it tells them something about themselves
  • Ensure the questions are interesting and that the answer choices are compelling
  • Set up an opt-in form to collect potential email addresses
  • Integrate the quiz with your email platform.

The whole point of the quiz is to get people into your quiz funnel, then nurture them along, and this is usually done with an email sequence.

So where do you start? What types of quizzes should you create to act as your lead generation tool?

We know that quizzes give us a high conversion rate, and conversions can lead to money, so we need to create a quiz that is right for our individual business.

7 Figure Quiz Funnel Formula

There are six different types of quizzes you can put together which include:

  1. Personality quiz – which is by far the most popular type as it has a universal appeal. We are all curious about what makes us all tick and personality quizzes tend to back up our assumptions of ourselves.
  2. Do You Have What it Takes? – if you are in a niche such as life coaching, fitness etc this might be a good type of quiz to use, as you can hone it to your business.
  3. What is Best for You? – if you have a product that can be customised to the end-user, this might be a good quiz to use. For example ‘What Career Is Best For You?’ – ‘What Car Is Best For You?’.
  4. An Assessment quiz – this type of quiz can be used in any niche where you can use a set of factors such as ‘How good is your Image’ – ‘ Is it Time To Turn Vegan?’.
  5. Diagnose a Problem – most visitors will have some problem they want to solve such as ‘ Why Aren’t I Getting Enough Traffic to my Email Course?’
  6. Knowledge test – this is where you can test your visitor’s knowledge on various real-life topics.

The Quiz Funnel Steps – Let’s Build It!

So are we ready to build our 7 figure quiz funnel? Let’s get to it!

Step 1

Decide on the type of quiz you are going to create, and then start crafting an outline of the questions you want to ask, and where you want the journey to lead them.

Some quizzes take the results and email over the results – participants want to get access to their results – we want a give immediate feedback to our participants, so we need to figure out how long the quiz will be, where people end up when completing the quiz, and what questions to ask.

Generate Online Sales

When you are working on the first question, try and make it really appealing as this is the way to capture your audience, and you obviously want them to complete the whole task, then think how many questions you want to ask – it can be anything from 6 to 10 nominally. Don’t make it too long, but make it worthwhile completing – interesting and slightly stretching is the order of the day…

Then, think next where you want to send them afterwards. This all depends on the product or service that you are promoting, so create specific places where you can send them afterwards.

Finally, work on your actual questions, make sure you have at least one question that matters to your business.

Step 2

Now it’s time to create your quiz. There are many quiz makers on the web that you can use to construct your quiz, just make sure you ask for the first name and email address of your quiz taker.

Once the quiz is created, make sure you then have a landing page or landing pages, ready that people can end up on once they have taken the quiz.

Step 3

If you can get your quiz to lead directly to a sale that’s great, but mostly you will want them to go into your funnel. So make sure you set up email sequences to deal with this.


For all this to work smoothly, you need traffic flowing to your quiz. Here is where your website pop-up can work wonders for your social media campaigns, even paid ads can work well here.

Step 6

Often an overlooked step is to constantly test and improve what you’ve created. You can tweak the landing pages and the website pop-up, even once you’re up and running.

Change your questions around on the quiz, or change the Facebook ad copy now and again to make it seem like a new quiz. Creating new questions is an ongoing process which leads the right people to you.

To Conclude

If your company needs new digital leads, and you think you need help with your 7 figure quiz funnel, give Kylie Lang a try.

Sign up for her unique 7 figure quiz funnel formula that will bring your company leads, and grow your email list, on autopilot while you concentrate on your business.

Creating quizzes is what Kylie does best!

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