your quiz results are in!

Your Quizpreneur Type is …


What does that mean?

Watch your Results Video below to find out…

As a Wantrepreneur...

you WANT to do a quiz. You understand the value behind it AND what it can do for your business in terms of growth.

You get the fact that it can literally transform the way you build your email list and drive qualified traffic to your website.
BUT here’s the problem…all the wanting in the world won’t make it happen.
It’s the type of thing that just sits on your To Do List and never moves. You just don’t seem to have the capacity to do it yourself.
You’d rather spend your precious time doing what you do best – working in your own zone of genius!
Your ideal scenario would be to delegate your Quiz Funnel design and creation to a professional who will ‘do it for you‘.

You're ready to...

join the 'Wantrepreneurs' getting great results
& ditch the PDF lead magnet.

You’re ready to do this!
AND you know that quizzes are all about…
If your last launch flopped,
you’re struggling to fill your diary with the right clients
or you want to build your email list fast,

you need a Quiz Funnel.

Why? Because it takes the stress out of constantly hustling for new clients. That stress simply disappears. That’s why so many coaches, course creators service providers are now investing in a quiz funnel as their main lead magnet.

When you create a quiz that answers a question you know your audience has it’s powerful because they feel seen, heard and understood. That’s a very potent mixture which leads to building the know, like, trust factor with them.

And did I mention…

Quizzes Drive Traffic

They get your audience saying

"I do, I do, I do, I do, I do."

And…this is just the start

Now you know what type of Quizpreneur you are it’s time to do something about it and I’m here to help you make it all happen. No more talk, no more research, no more collecting information it’s time to take action.

And as an Wantrepreneur you’re the perfect person
for my Custom Built ‘Done For You’ Quiz Funnel.

So what's included in our 'Done For You' Quiz Funnel Package?

Every business is unique so every quiz funnel we build is unique too.

We start off by designing your Quiz Funnel Map so we have a visual plan of all the elements your funnel will include and make a decision on the type of quiz you need.

  • A completely personalised quiz strategy to help you achieve your list building goals
  • A fully designed quiz including your big quiz title, actionable quiz results, targeted quiz questions and your irresistible quiz offer
  • Fully optimised quiz landing page and 3-4 results pages
  • Technical quiz setup and integration with Interact and your email platform or CRM
  • Development and copywriting for your email nurture campaign to ensure you create an emotional connection
  • A full promotional plan and strategy to ensure your quiz drives traffic and brings in quality leads
  • Post-quiz conversion audit (2 months after quiz launch)

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