The Course & Coaching Program for those looking to DIY their own Quiz Funnel!

The Quiz Funnel Formula (QFF)

The Course & Coaching Program for those looking to DIY their own Quiz Funnel!

Join the Course Creators & Coaches Having 6 Figure Launches and Ditch the PDF Lead Magnet...

Instead put your time and energy into creating your very own high converting Quiz Funnel.

If your last launch flopped or you’re struggling to sell out your services and fill your diary with clients you need a quiz funnel.

Why? Because it takes the stress out of constantly hustling for new clients. That stress simply disappears. That’s why so many course creators, coaches and service providers are now investing in a quiz funnel as their main lead magnet.

When you create a quiz that answers a question you know your audience has it’s powerful because they feel seen, heard and understood. That’s a very potent mixture which leads to building the know, like, trust factor with them.

And did I mention…

Quizzes Drive Traffic

They get your audience saying

"I do, I do, I do, I do, I do."

“Working with Kylie is a joy.

Besides the fact that she is indeed an expert at what she does, she is fun, positive, and encouraging.

What I appreciate most is that she does her homework to actually get to know you and your business so that she caters her advice specifically to you and what you need.

I highly recommend working with Kylie if you want to develop a kick-ass quiz.”

Dr. Regina Zona

Award-Winning Singer, Master Teacher of Voice, and Professional Accompanist

The Money is in Your List…

a Quiz Builds Your List on Autopilot!

Building an audience used to be simple. You could create a valuable download, & you’d get leads. Good ones too.

Your cost per lead (CPL) on  Facebook was relatively low & conversions were high.


Hence, the reason why I encourage YOU to take this opportunity to create something that actually works and build a high converting quiz funnel, but with my help.

It's the difference between having a waitlist for your services or seeing big empty spaces in your diary...


They’re Interactive & Fun

Attention spans are short so you need to get people’s attention AND keep it. That’s where quizzes do such a good job. Interactive content beats passive PDFs hands down every time.

There is BIG Viral Potential

Quizzes are highly shareable. People love to share their results on social media giving you access to a wider audience of like minded people

You Can Be Ultra Specific

Most of us have a diverse audience at different stages and trying to speak to all of them is hard. What other lead magnet lets you impart information that is relevant and specific to the person reading it, rather than it simply being a generic PDF.

Conversion Rates Are Insane

According to BuzzSumo 82% of users will complete a quiz if they see it on social.

Your Audience Learn Something About Themselves

As humans we have a thirst for self-knowledge. When your quiz asks a question you know your audience has, that’s clickable, that’s where the magic is.

Segmentation is Easy

Through your quiz questions you’ll learn what your audience struggles with, their fears, their desires, their hopes allowing you to send them very targeted marketing that speaks to them directly.

Gives YOU The Expert Crown

When you give value and provide a quick win in your results followed up with more of the same in your emails you become the expert in your field


Your quiz is about driving traffic and not conversion so the cost of your Facebook Ads is insanely low compared to a normal lead magnet. Often as low as just 10 cents per lead.

Say hello to…


The Course & Coaching Program for those looking to DIY their own Quiz Funnel!

One that is interactive, gives value, creates an emotional connection and builds an audience of buyers allowing you to collect hundreds of leads weekly, not to mention monthly sales and bookings.

The Quiz Funnel Formula is a step-by-step blueprint where I take you by the virtual hand and help you create your first high converting quiz.

No guesswork involved, just a tried and tested method that targets your ideal audience, consistently builds your email list and gets results quickly with a low cost per lead.

And that’s not all…

You benefit from my 5+ years of creating high converting quiz funnels with some exclusive ‘bonuses‘.

It's the difference between having a sell out launch or having zero sign ups.

How does it work & what do I get?

It’s quite simple. I want you to succeed.

The Quiz Funnel Formula includes 6 comprehensive modules covering all the elements that go into creating a high converting quiz with some bonuses added in for good measure to ensure you succeed.

You’ll have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make sure your quiz funnel helps you bring in leads on autopilot.

Tell me more...

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Quiz Funnel Formula

6 Comprehensive Modules

Module 1: Your Big Quiz Topic
Together we’ll create the main hook for your quiz. I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to come up with compelling and effective quiz topics. This is a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating not just a topic that converts but a title that’s 150% clickable and just lights up the screen.

✚ A defined target audience
✚ Your audience’s challenges
✚ Your quiz topic nailed
Module 2: Your Actionable Quiz Results
Writing quiz results that connect, give value and provide a quick win is so important. Together we’ll create actionable quiz results that are highly relevant and relatable to the person reading them. I’ll show you how to transition these results to the next stage of the journey so it feels natural and not like one big sales pitch.

✚ The name of each result
✚ The copy for each result
✚ The next step in the journey
Module 3: Your Targeted Quiz Questions
We’ll create questions which will allow you to gain the knowledge you need to do specific and targeted marketing. How many questions should you include? Which questions will be segmentation questions and which won’t? How will you map these to the results? All this will be covered in detail and you’ll be crystal clear on the goals for each of your questions.

✚ The number of questions
✚ The goal of each question
✚ The completed questions
✚ All your answers
Module 4: Your Irresistible Quiz Offer
What is the goal of your quiz? What amazing offer are you going to give your audience once they’ve gone through your quiz. This is a carefully choreographed dance that needs to be relevant to where your ideal client is at in their journey with you and will be different for everyone. But I have a strategy to help you craft an offer your audience can’t resist.

✚ Your offers outlined
✚ Any bonuses identified
✚ The sales process for each offer
Module 5: Your Simple Quiz Set Up
It's time to build out your quiz and email lead capture funnel so we can get your quiz out there and launched. So in this module we’ll focus on helping you get your website ready to host your quiz and the results pages. Should you use text only? Or maybe a short video? This will all depend on your niche and your audience.

✚ Create your Quiz Pages on your Website
✚ Build your Quiz on Interact or ScoreApp
✚ Set up your Automation in your CRM
Module 6: Your High Converting Quiz Emails
A big part of this process is about building the know, like, trust factor through an email nurture campaign delivered over 7-10 days. I’m sharing the exact process I use with my clients so your new leads feel more nurtured than if they were to spend the weekend at Buckingham Palace with their own royal butler. As a born and bred Brit that would be the ultimate in absolute luxury.

✚ Emails mapped out
✚ Subject lines done
✚ Campaign duration agreed

And let’s not forget…

BONUS #1 - Total Traffic Transformation System
You can have the best quiz in the world but if nobody can find it then the whole thing becomes completely redundant. Getting traffic, organic or paid, is like trying to find the holy grail. You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade to ensure your quiz gets found organically and shared.

Plus, you’ll have access to my very own Pinterest expert who’ll be sharing all her traffic generating secrets to getting your quiz found using Pinterest organically, no ads required.
BONUS #2 - A Complete Quiz Review
Something else that stops so many people from moving forward with their quiz is fear of failure. What if I do it wrong? What if my questions aren’t right? What if I don’t get anyone completing my quiz and giving me their email address? I don’t want that for you so I’m going to personally review your quiz.

I’ll tell you if your questions need tweaking, give you suggested revisions and let you know what you need to do to make your quiz convert.
BONUS #3 - Weekly Q&A Calls
We all have a tendency to second guess ourselves and procrastinate but with our weekly calls we can ensure you keep moving forward. I’ll give you feedback, answer questions, cheer you on and make sure you take action and get your quiz launched and out there.

Plus, you’ll get to meet other Quiz Funnel Formula (QFF) peeps all going through the course with you. You can brainstorm together, build friendships and keep each other going.

“I had an absolute blast on the QFF course with Kylie.

Her training videos are fun to watch, her workbooks and references are so helpful to keep me on track, and of course, there’s plenty of Abba references that make me laugh.

When we get on the group calls, there’s even more fun and laughter as she guides us through our next steps and offer really thoughtful and valuable feedback to take action on.

I’ve now launched my quiz, and highly recommend the QFF course to anyone who wants to grow their business. It’s Abba-solutely fabulous!”

Fern Chan

Author & Educator


Lifetime Access to All 6 Course Modules

Quiz Results Template

My Quiz Question Swipe File

A Complete Quiz Review

Total Traffic Transformation System

Weekly Q&A Zoom Sessions

All backed by my 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the next 14 days you decide you’re not on board and you don’t think a quiz funnel is the right thing for you then we’ll refund your investment. I only want committed action takers but if you decide it’s not for you then you’ve had some great training on me and I wish you all the luck in the future.

Have we been introduced?

I’m Kylie Lang…The #QUIZQUEEN and a creative at heart. I started life as a classical musician playing violin and piano BUT then discovered the joys of being an entrepreneur.

Fast forward 23 years (yes I’ve been in business that long) and it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing and driving traffic.

I discovered the power of quizzes back in 2016 when I was looking for new ways to promote my digital course company. It was love at first click because this was lead generation on steroids.

Very quickly though I realised there was a complete strategy behind quizzes that went far beyond the magazine quizzes of the 80s such as, ‘Are You Way Too Obsessed With Your Ex?’ Or ‘Is Your BFF Really On Your Side?

So naturally, I developed my own Quiz Funnel Formula, to help other creative entrepreneurs, like you, take the stress out of building a lead magnet that actually works and converts.

Last year alone one of my quizzes generated 14,000 leads at a cost per lead of just 10 cents. Quizzes have changed the trajectory of my business and they can change yours too.


Is Perfect For You If...


Quizzes take work to set up but realistically if you can set aside 3-4 hours each week over a period of 6-8 weeks you’ll complete the course and have the first version of your quiz ready for review.

Absolutely! Copywriting is an art that can easily be learned if you’ve been given the right tools. Most people aren’t natural born copywriters but still manage to put amazing quizzes out into the world that convert. The key here is knowing your audience, understanding their challenges and using phrases they’d use themselves. 

There’s lots of great tips, ideas, prompts and templates in the QFF to help you master the art of writing copy.

I hear you. Most of the people I work with hate tech too but I have a great team of tech experts who know everything there is to know about setting up Quiz Funnels using tools such as Interact, Active Campaign, Convert Kit and many others. There are some great tutorials in the course to help you overcome the tech stress.

Plus, we have a ‘done for you’ quiz set up service if you need any further help.

Yes you probably could but it would take a lot longer and is open to lots of mistakes and trial and error. Plus people only ever give away the ‘what’ and never the ‘how’ meaning they tell you what to do but not how to do it. You won’t get the blueprints, templates, step-by-steps, or full blown tutorials on exactly how to do everything. 

And don’t forget, you’ll get access to my quiz brain every fortnight to get your questions answered.

There are two quiz platforms I recommend Interact and ScoreApp as they both play so nicely with all the other tools out there. You’ll also need a sturdy CRM to connect to your quiz platform so you can send out all your emails. I recommend Active Campaign as it is so much further ahead than other platforms.


Lifetime Access to All 6 Course Modules

Quiz Results Template

My Quiz Question Swipe File

A Complete Quiz Review

Total Traffic Transformation System

Weekly Q&A Zoom Sessions

All backed by my 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the next 14 days you decide you’re not on board and you don’t think a quiz funnel is the right thing for you then we’ll refund your investment. I only want committed action takers but if you decide it’s not for you then you’ve had some great training on me and I wish you all the luck in the future.