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Want to know the biggest secret to getting more clients as a coach, course creator or service provider? Segmentation.

And how do you do that? With a quiz funnel. 

Yep you can segment your audience with a quiz. 

This is one of the most powerful parts of a well built, strategically thought out quiz funnel that not only brings in leads but converts those leads into clients.

Specificity is one of the biggest reasons to use a quiz as your next lead magnet. In fact, it’s why I’m on a mission to get online business owners to ditch the PDF Lead Magnet in favour of a high converting quiz.

Nobody wants to be sent information about things they’re not interested in or that don’t reach them exactly where they’re at in their journey. 

And that’s exactly what we’ve done with one of my ‘done for you’ quiz clients, Dan Mangena, whose Affluent Abundance Quiz recently launched.

When Dan’s team reached out to me about building a quiz as their main lead magnet I spent quite a while going through all the different offers Dan’s business had. It’s something I always do with my clients and is part of my research process. It helps me to put together a full quiz funnel strategy that completely aligns with my client’s goals.

I even watched one of Dan’s webinars to help me get a better understanding of his personality and the way he presented his offers to his audience.

What became very clear was that Dan needed a strategy for segmenting his audience with his quiz as he had several different offers including: 

  • A Book
  • A Course
  • Several High Ticket Offers

And this was where things got interesting because we realised that what was needed here wasn’t one but two quizzes. 

One quiz to drive traffic at the top of the funnel and a second in the middle of the funnel as a more in depth, assessment style quiz.

So how did we do it and what was involved? Well grab your notebooks because you’re about to find out how to segment your audience with a quiz?

Segment Your Audience with a Quiz Step 1

Learn to Segment Your Audience with a Quiz

The first thing I do when creating any type of quiz is to do a deep dive into my client’s audience. 

  1. What are they talking about? 
  2. What questions do they ask? 
  3. What do they need help with? 
  4. Why are they consuming my client’s content?
  5. Why are they in my client’s audience?

From there I can start to brainstorm ideas for a quiz title and description.

Remember, your quiz title is the bait, the hook that’s going to attract your lead and get them interested enough to take your quiz. This means the question you’re asking needs to be specific enough to speak directly to them but generic enough to reach the majority of your audience. 

Trust me this is no mean feat and is a careful balancing act.


Your quiz title and description need to be filled with curiosity and intrigue so they appeal to our human desire for self-knowledge. Do your research and know the pain points of your audience and call them out in the quiz description.

In Dan’s case I presented 9 possible quiz title options. (I’ll usually present between 8-10 options to allow us to really cover all eventualities and possible phrases common to my  client’s audience).

We then narrow it down to three potential options, after a bit of tweaking, and put these out to their audience to get their feedback and see which one really resonates.

The winner for Dan’s audience was, drum roll please:

The Affluent Abundance Quiz - discover the wealth block holding you back and reset your relationship with money.

Segment Your Audience with a Quiz Step 2

The Best Way to Segment Your Audience with a Quiz

Next up are the outcomes. This is the result someone gets once they’ve answered all the quiz questions. And this is where we deliver value. The quiz outcomes, more commonly referred to as the results, are your opportunity to really win your leads over with knowledge, expertise, empathy, understanding and action steps.

This step is so important as it’s the first one that allows you to segment your audience with a quiz.

And in Dan’s case, I’d spent a lot of time researching money mindset and the issues people face around money and financial abundance.

It was quite a journey I can tell you as it’s not one I’d explored before but it soon drew me in and I found it fascinating. 

As always, there were some common denominators that helped me to decide on what those outcomes could potentially be. And I suggested to Dan and his team that we keep them simple, not overcomplicating what is already quite a complicated topic.


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when creating their quiz outcomes is trying to get too fancy with the names and descriptions. This presents a problem in that people can’t relate to them and don’t understand them. Remember to keep your outcome names relevant and understandable to those taking the quiz.

What quiz outcome names did we settle on for Dan’s quiz? Well of course, I can’t tell you what those are otherwise there would be no point in you taking the quiz.


Segment Your Audience with a Quiz Step 3

Top Tips to Segment Your Audience with a Quiz

And now things are starting to hot up. Once someone has taken your quiz, answered the questions, and landed on their results page, the big question is what happens next. And this is the bit people often forget about. They’ve put all the time and effort into creating a quiz but without really thinking through what comes next.

What do you want your quiz takers to do once they’ve taken your quiz? 

This is an important question because most leads aren’t ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling at this point. They haven’t built enough know, like, trust with you yet.  So what should you do? Well this depends on your audience. 


The middle of quiz funnel activity is where the power of how to segment your audience with a quiz comes in. Send them emails packed with value that are relevant to their quiz results. Import the quiz data into your CRM so you can send smart, targeted emails by using things like ‘custom fields’ and ‘conditional content’.

(If you want to learn how to build a data-driven marketing strategy using quizzes you’ll love this blog post.)

In Dan’s case we created four individual masterclasses hosted on his website, one for each of the quiz outcomes.

Not only was the content very specific but we were able to continually drive traffic back to Dan’s website. This allowed us to see who was interested by tracking link clicks in the emails in Active Campaign. 

The masterclasses were the perfect way for Dan to emotionally connect with his audience and for them to get to know him better. He gave great value in each one along with a few exercises to get them started in overcoming their money mindset issues.

We also made sure quiz takers could access all four masterclasses. Often you find there are elements of all the outcomes in people and what the quiz does is showcase the most dominant one.

As you can see the value here is huge and really allows Dan to showcase his knowledge and experience without any heavy selling involved.

Segment Your Audience with a Quiz Step 4

Understand How To Segment Your Audience with a Quiz

And now for the second quiz, or Assessment as we called it. For Dan his ultimate goal was to get people on a call and sell one of his high ticket programs. And we needed a way to make sure the calls being booked were with the right people and not time wasters. After all, time is money and Dan’s time is precious.

So I asked the question, what information would make that call easier? What would you like to know in advance about your quiz takers? How can the Assessment help you to have a really productive call and ensure only the serious leads are able to access the calendar?

And that’s when we developed the Affluent Abundance Assessment. 

This dug a lot deeper than the original quiz. The Assessment allowed us to ask more personal questions with a mix of multiple choice and free flowing answers. This gave those taking it the space in which to write their own answers rather than always having to choose predetermined ones. 

It also allowed us to segment the audience into three sections: 

  • those looking for information only 
  • those wanting a more DIY solution 
  • those needing some handholding and a more personal approach. 

And that’s what the Assessment allowed us to do. It filtered leads into one of those three options creating a tagging system along the way in the backend of Active Campaign.

And this is where things got really clever. In no circumstances did we want leads to be bombarded with the same messages over and over again. So by applying a tag search in the automation we could look for the relevant tags and send emails based on those results.

We could also send emails based on what someone had clicked within a specific email. We could track email replies and reward those replying with extra goodies and useful freebies.


To really allow a quiz to work its magic you need a smart CRM to import all the data and allow you to use it to segment your audience and send targeted emails.

Our recommendations are Active Campaign, Keap & ConvertKit.

Hopefully by now you understand how you too can segment your audience with a quiz to ensure you’re providing valuable, targeted and relevant information to your leads. 

This is the magic of a well thought out and strategic quiz funnel. When you do this you’ll have better conversations, higher conversions and ultimately more sales.

Dan Mangena's Quiz Funnel Journey...

As always I love to hear from my clients about their quiz journey with me and here’s what Dan had to say when I asked him.

What inspired you to work with my teams and I to create a quiz as a lead magnet for your business?

We had been wanting to build a quiz for sometime, but we didn’t have anyone in our team with the capacity/skillset. We attended one of your webinars and decided you’d be great to build our quiz.

Tell us about your audience and how the four quiz results relate to them.

Our audience are people seeking financial freedom, our quiz, The Affluent Abundant quiz can help them work out any blocks that may be stopping them from reaching the freedom they desire.

What would you like your audience to gain from taking the quiz?

By completing the quiz our audience can work out where their money blocks exist and by taking the masterclass they can gain actionable steps to help them move beyond this block.

What have you enjoyed the most about creating the Affluent Abundance Quiz and Assessment?

The process of building the quiz has been great. It’s been exciting watching it all come together and for our audience to start using the quiz.

What words of advice would you give someone looking to create a quiz for their own business?

Kylie is very thorough and will guide you through the entire process, we highly recommend working with her.

And finally, apologies in advance but I’m a huge ABBA fan so I have to know, which ABBA song would get you up on the dance floor?

Money Money Money!

Love the answer to that last question, very apt!

So there you have it. You now know how to segment your audience with a quiz. And of course, if you’d like to see how that’s done with a full strategy behind it then make sure you take THE AFFLUENT ABUNDANCE QUIZ >>>

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