It’s Official Your Quiz Results Are In!

The *BEST* Lead Generation Quiz for Your Online Biz Is…


And this is your personal Sales Quiz Roadmap!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Create Awareness
Prime to Purchase
Show the Solution
Build Relationships

This quick Results Refresh Video gives an overview of your Personal Quiz Roadmap


You’re ready to generate passive income in your business whilst increasing awareness around your brand and building your email list. As the first ‘low cost’ entry point into your world it’ll be a chance to showcase your expertise and create lasting relationships.


A Sales Quiz helps your ideal client to CONNECT with you much faster giving them lightbulb moments through the knowledge and value the quiz results provide.

Unlike other quizzes you’ll be offering a low cost, no brainer, opportunity to buy from you or learn from you thus bringing them into your ‘paid world‘ much quicker.

Whether you’re selling a book or digital product they get a small glimpse into the solution you provide and begin their customer journey with you straight away.

It’s only a micro commitment as far as your client is concerned so an easy way to accelerate the know, like and trust factor.

It allows you to SOLVE their immediate problem with a quick win making investing with you in the future much more likely.

But it also helps you SOLVE the problem of Ad costs.

We all know getting eyeballs on our business can be hard to do organically so paid ads become an integral part of your marketing. With a Sales Quiz you offset those costs whilst still building your list and brand awareness.

And of course, your quiz helps you STRENGTHEN your relationship with your audience through your email nurture campaign which is an integral part of the overall quiz funnel.

Now they’re on your list you can continue to deliver value, share expertise and prime them so they’re ready for the next step in the customer journey with you.

Your Personal SALES Quiz Roadmap

The Quiz Funnel Formula that brings in hot leads ready to buy!

Step 1
Create Awareness
A quiz is so much more than something fun you take in your lunch break to pass the time. A Sales Quiz has the power to bring incredibly targeted leads into your world who are primed and ready to buy your ‘low cost’ product.

But to create this lead generating machine you need to first administer some CPR - CLEAR - POSITION - REFRAME

➡️ CLEAR: clear your mind of what you think a quiz is and banish the mighty Buzzfeed. Do I want to know which Downton Abbey character I am? Of course I do. (And BTW I already know I’d be Lady Mary) But it doesn’t mean anything.

➡️ POSITION: position your book or digital product as the solution to their immediate problem. A really good, high converting Sales Quiz solves a specific problem your ideal client has and provides a ‘no brainer’ solution they can purchase straight away. So ask yourself the question, what’s my big solution?

➡️ REFRAME: take the answer above and reframe it as a question, the BIG question your quiz answers. So if this was me I’d say my big solution is helping people to bring in leads using a high converting quiz. Reframed that becomes ‘What’s The *BEST* Lead Generation Quiz for Your Online Biz’?
Step 1
Step 2
Prime to Purchase
The outcomes of your quiz and the results people receive are where your power lies. This is your chance to warm them up quickly before making your offer. You want your audience to have that lightbulb moment of OMG, this person really gets me, they understand me, and they can help me solve my problem quickly and easily.

When you write quiz results, how well you understand the natural wiring of each audience member matters. How can you weave in their attributes, personality traits, challenges, motivations, goals, and quirks?

And remember, as with all lead magnets your quiz isn’t trying to save the world. You’re simply helping them to identify areas of weakness, which their quiz results show, provide a solution that gives them a quick win.

This Framework will help you brainstorm some ideas:

➡️ TRANSFORMATION - Map out what their quiz results mean and give them some insights they weren’t expecting.

➡️ VALUE - What extra value can you give them on top of the transformation?

➡️ QUICK WIN - Give them some action steps they can take as part of the results to help them move forward.
Step 2
Step 3
Show the Solution
There is no other lead magnet that leaves you perfectly positioned to 'sell' straight away at the end of your quiz results and through your follow up emails.

It all comes down to how well you know your audience, their challenges and their pain points. Through your cleverly created quiz questions you'll already have them thinking about what they need to solve their problem.

It's your job to position your digital product or book as the easy and quick solution.

And remember, always sell the transformation of what you're offering and how much better their life will be once they’ve bought it. It's benefits versus features.

Nobody cares how many chapters your book has; they want to know how your book will make them slimmer, fitter, more dateable, etc.

Brainstorm 3-5 features of your book or digital product that will help you show your audience the TRANSFORMATION they'll have.
Step 3
Step 4
Build Relationships
Keep your audience engaged after their purchase. Use this opportunity to build a relationship that lasts and develops over time. Be their ‘go to’ person and the one they trust and believe in.

This last part of your Sales Quiz Funnel involves showing up consistently in their Inbox allowing them to deepen their emotional connection with you.

You can do this by using storytelling in your emails:
  • Tell your story and how it relates to them
  • Showcase success stories of past clients
  • Answer FAQs through examples weaved into a story
  • Introduce your solution and tell the story of why it’s so powerful
Stories are powerful, they bring facts to life and give them character. They’re more memorable and by default make you more memorable.

Brainstorm 3-5 stories you could tell your audience that would hold their attention and leave them wanting more.
Step 4


Superpower versus Saboteur

When it comes to personality quizzes there are two main types, The Superpower Quiz and The Saboteur Quiz.


As it sounds this quiz is all about celebrating their amazing skills, stroking their ego, and telling them how their ‘superpower’ can be used within their business.

BUT whilst you’re busy highlighting their expertise you also need to solve the problem they’ve got. Afterall, that’s why they’ve taken the quiz because deep down they’re facing a challenge in their business and want you to help them solve it.


Is Your Quiz A Saboteur Quiz

This quiz is all about roadblocks and blindspots. What’s holding them back and stopping them moving forward in their business or life? The quiz outcome or result identifies their ‘saboteur’.

BUT you have to be careful with this quiz not to leave them feeling like a huge failure or flop. By offering helpful strategies and solutions you show that this ‘saboteur’ is temporary and you’re here to help. Then reveal the transformation that’s possible using your formula, blueprint or strategy.


Using my proven framework CONVERT we’ll create a Quiz that gets results.
All quizzes should evoke curiosity with a clickable title that entices people to take your quiz and reveal something interesting about themselves.
Your quiz should be aligned with what you offer. You’re not trying to save the world with your lead magnet so ensure there is a clear path between your quiz and your product or services.
What does your audience need from you? How can you help them and what burning question can you answer?
People take quizzes seriously and expect to learn something from the results. The value you give will be reflected in how well your quiz converts turning leads into clients.
Understanding what to do with the information you’ve received is an important step. This is your chance to educate your leads and help them see you as the expert you are.
Building a relationship of any kind takes work. Your quiz is a chance to create an emotional connection with your audience and be their ‘go to’ person for all things related to your niche.
A quiz is only as good as the traffic it’s driving. As with all lead magnets it’s crucial to have a promotion plan for maximum visibility that attracts the right people onto your list.


Fantastic examples of quizzes done well!
(A little bit of client bragging never hurt anyone)


I'm Kylie...

Speaking of know, like, trust I think it’s time I built a little with you. 

I’m a creative at heart and started life as a classical musician playing violin and piano BUT then discovered the joys of being an entrepreneur. 

Fast forward 23 years (yes I’ve been in business that long) and it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing and driving traffic. 

I discovered the power of quizzes back in 2016 when I was looking for new ways to promote my digital course company. It was love at first click because this was lead generation on steroids.  

Very quickly though I realised there was a complete strategy behind quizzes that went far beyond the magazine quizzes of the 80s such as, ‘Are You Way Too Obsessed With Your Ex?’ Or ‘Is Your BFF Really On Your Side?’        

So naturally, I developed my own Quiz Funnel Formula, to help other creative entrepreneurs, like you, take the stress out of building a lead magnet that actually works and converts.

I love quizzes, as you can probably tell, but one of their biggest superpowers is ​​their ability to impart information that’s relevant and specific to the person reading it. Allowing your quiz takers to think this person actually gets me and understands me. 

It’s the difference between buying a ‘one size fits all’ outfit, when you could buy a tailored, made to measure, bespoke version that makes you feel like a million dollars.              

And that’s what I want for you. I’d love to help you create a ‘one of a kind’ quiz that speaks directly to your audience and instantly builds trust. 

And more importantly, I can’t wait to celebrate with you on the virtual dancefloor ‘Dancing Queen’ style as we watch those leads pour in!

Kylie x

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