Ready for a custom built quiz funnel?

one that converts your leads into clients!

A done for you...

fully optimised & implemented funnel

no tech headache | zero stress levels

Who is a 'done for you' quiz funnel for?

Service based businesses such as:

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Graphic & Website Designers

Branding Consultants & Copywriters

Finance Experts & Accountants

Wedding Pros & Venues

Fitness & Health Experts

Online businesses such as:

Business Coaches & Mentors

Wellness & Mindset Coaches

Writers, Authors & Bloggers

Sales & Marketing Pros

Content Marketers & Social Media Consultants

Digital Course Creators

A Quiz Funnel will grow your list

And by growing your email list you also grow your business

and as every business is unique every quiz funnel is unique

Using our 5 Step ‘Fab Factor‘ Strategy we’ll create a quiz funnel that tells the story of your brand and truly represents who you are and the audience you serve. Below is an outline of what can be achieved with your ‘done for you‘ funnel.

you do what you do best

and we will too

by building a high converting quiz funnel that brings in leads on autopilot

whatever your offer or how much you charge you'll increase your revenue

I'm sure the last thing you want right now is yet another course showing you how to create an automated funnel to build your email list. Your time is limited and you can't afford to make mistakes.

I'm Kylie Lang a Sales Funnel Strategist and I spend my days, sometimes nights too, creating and developing sales funnels for course creators and coaches just like you.

My job is to make your job easier. I'm here to get the job 'done for you'.

Together we’ll brainstorm your audience and their challenges and once I have a full understanding of who they are the magic will start to happen. I’ll create a strategy, design the quiz and everything that goes with it, including writing the emails and doing all the tech.

You will have your own fully optimised and implemented quiz funnel ready to drive traffic and build an engaged list.

I can’t wait to find out more about your fabulous business and the special gift you put out in the world. It’s time to get more eyeballs on your business and money in the bank.


the process

In other words, how it all works...

Once we've had our 30 minute Discovery Call and decided we're a good fit for each other its time to get to work. Time for us to take the weight off you whilst I do the heavy lifting.

At this point you'll be ready to leave home and make your way in the world. Of course, you'll always have the opportunity to continue working with us to help you manage and scale your campaign accordingly. You can come home at any time.

My happy clients

Working with Kylie to create my quiz was such a pleasure. She made everything super simple and easy to understand. I got extensive feedback in everything I did, some amazing suggestions and ideas and felt like I had someone holding my hand the whole way through.

If you want to create a quiz for your business Kylie is the Dancing Queen of Quizzes.


Wedding Planner

We wanted to create a lead magnet for our business that would work for both our UK speaking audience as well as our German audience.

Kylie helped us come up with our lead magnet idea and design as well as being instrumental in making sure our email campaign hit the mark.

We even got her copywriting input to make sure we connected properly with our audience.


Photographer & Videographer

Knowing what to do first was overwhelming and together we nailed my lead magnet idea and came up with the entire nurture campaign.

I now have a lead magnet that is perfect for my audience and that I absolutely love.

The bonus is that once we talked it through it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. Bottom line I could never have done this on my own.


Event Architect

Some of the tech platforms use...