Your Quiz Results are in!

Based on your answers your Fab Factor is...


Your Quiz Results are in!

Based on your answers your Fab Factor is...


Your vision shows you a picture of the future you desire and gives those around you the freedom to dream and the power to move forward.

Your personal fab factor, vision, allows you to step outside your comfort zone and do it often. You take dreams and turn them into reality.

You’re driven by your passion and have the ability to really see what doesn’t exist yet. This in itself is incredibly inspiring and motivating for those around you.

Every goal is achievable and your mind is always open to new and exciting possibilities. No matter how many times you fall you’ll always get back up again ready to make amazing things happen.

Every mistake is just a stepping stone towards your next success.

You inspire action and create a wonderful energy for those who are part of your tribe.

Your vision is your superpower so wear it like a crown and don’t be afraid to let it be at the core of everything you do.

If I had to choose an ABBA anthem for you it would be ‘Super Trouper’ because you should definitely be ‘feeling like a number one.’

now for the but...

You feel like nobody is actually seeing or hearing you. You almost feel invisible.

The big question you keep asking is how do you get those ideal clients to sit up and notice you?

Deep down you know the answer. You understand you need to create a lead magnet, give value, & nurture your audience. BUT like most of us there’s so many other things you’d rather be doing.

Such as designing, creating, composing, producing, teaching or coaching – anything really as long as it doesn’t involve list building.

You want to do what it was you were put on this earth to do CREATE AMAZING EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR CLIENTS and not waste your time doing the things you weren’t.

Sound familiar?

‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’

– Joel A Barker

‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’

– joel a barker

Ready to find out how to use your

fab factor

to consistently grow your email list?

It’s really quite marketing is just like dating.

Your personality is your commodity and it’s how you use it that counts.

Your fab factor is a huge part of your personality. So inject your VISION into everything you do!

This is the KEY to growing your email list and filling it with clients you really want to work with.

Your personalised 5 Step Strategy for building an email list that brings you qualified leads on autopilot is the blueprint you need to make this happen.

5 Step Strategy

  1. STEP 1 PAIN POINT: you know your audience, what they struggle with and where they need help. What’s a common challenge your audience face?  Find their business itch and be their ‘go to‘ exert.
  2. STEP 2 QUICK WIN: provide them with something of value to help them scratch the itch you’ve just identified. They have a problem and you provide the solution. But remember, give them the ‘what’ not the ‘how’
  3. STEP 3 PERSONALITY: use your fab factor to showcase your uniqueness. Inject a healthy dose of ‘you’ into your content. Make sure they know you’re the thing that’s missing from their life. It’s your time to connect. 
  4. STEP 4 NURTURE: it’s all about building that know, like & trust factor, just like dating. Don’t propose marriage on the first date. Slowly woo them with your amazing expertise and knowledge. Make working with you a no-brainer.
  5. STEP 5 SOLUTION: it’s time to make the offer you know they want and need. Convince them to swipe right not left. Every great funnel has an equally great call to action (CTA). Make yours AMAZING!


Using your 5 Step Strategy and your newly discovered fab factor, Vision, liberally sprinkling it through your content and using it to build a connection with your ideal client, you’re now consistently bringing in qualified leads on autopilot.

It’s a rinse and repeat system that gives you the time and space to work with your clients, doing what you do best. All the while knowing your marketing is performing like a well-oiled machine leaving you to do what you do best.

the question is are you ready to use your

fab factor

to attract clients & grow your email list?

We haven't been introduced yet...

Hello and lovely to meet you.

I’m Kylie and apart from being a complete Abbaholic I’m also the person behind the quiz you’ve just taken.

It all began five years ago when I was trying to find the perfect lead magnet for my digital course company.

Our leads had almost dried up and I knew I needed something to get people excited about my course.

It was then that I stumbled upon the power of finding your fab factor and knowing how to use this with your audience.

Within a month of injecting our brand’s fab factor into our marketing we were bringing in between 5-10 qualified leads a day…it was insane. That’s a 700% increase!

Fast forward five years and I’ve helped many creatives, just like you, find their fab factor, create an easy to manage sales funnel and master the art of email marketing.

I’ve tried every piece of tech in the book and now have my perfect jigsaw which includes just the right pieces for amazing automation.

Now you've revealed your

fab factor

AND how to use it to build your list, what's next?

You have a couple of options...

No 1 - The Fab factor formula

Download a FREE copy of the Fab Factor Formula where we take a deep dive into the five step strategy giving you actionable steps to start injecting your fab factor into your marketing. With plenty of great exercises to get those creative juices flowing and some working examples to inspire you. It’s the perfect way to dip your virtual toe in the waters of personalised email marketing.

No 2 - The Fab factor strategy session

If you know you’re ready to really do this thing and start getting clients coming to you on autopilot but would LOVE some help ironing out the kinks and putting the whole strategy together then let’s do this thing. Together we’ll plan and map out your entire sales funnel from fab factor and lead magnet to emails and tech in a two hour strategy session. 

No 3 - Stalk me on Instagram

If you’re a fellow Abbaholic then I hope we’ll connect on Instagram, one of my fav places to hangout. Reels are my place to enjoy the wonders of all things Abba and I promise you zero pointing – lots of fun is a given. I also share plenty of top tips, advice and ideas on personalised email marketing strategies to really engage your list and set your emails on fire.

Take a Chance on me...

Sorry couldn’t resist a little ABBA reference there. But seriously, I want you to take a chance on me because this is just the beginning.

As your Fab Factor Fairy Godmother I have so much to share with you, tips, tricks, ideas and advice on how you can build a highly engaged email list of clients who want to work with you. I can’t wait to get to know you better and find out more about your fabulous business.

So make sure you check your Inbox and add me to your safe senders list. It’s time to make some email marketing magic.