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Have you ever thought about using a Quiz as a Lead Magnet for your course or digital products? Maybe you have but weren’t sure if it would work for you and your business.

Perhaps you’ve tried other lead magnets & freebies and they’ve not really hit the mark BUT you’ve heard others talking about the success they’ve had using a quiz?

That’s pretty much what happened to Dr Regina Zona, opera singer, cabaret singer and recording artist, as well as founder of Singer Savvy Academy.

She’d tried other things but they hadn’t worked. She knew she needed to build her email list to get eyeballs on her Academy and what it offered, but the big question was how.

Quiz Lead Magnet

And then as luck would have it our paths crossed during a live training I did for the wonderful Courtney Foster-Donahue and the idea of using a quiz as a lead magnet started to formulate in Regina’s mind.

Through Courtney’s course Regina had been working away on launching different courses and digital products to be offered through Singer Savvy Academy and was looking for a way to promote them.

But that wasn’t all. She also wanted her quiz to segment her leads into the right course or program based on their quiz results.

It soon became clear that what she needed to help her get her quiz built was a strategy to work from with some hand holding and guidance.

And that’s precisely what she got when she joined the The Quiz Funnel Formula, my blueprint for creating and launching a quiz that converts. 

She learnt exactly how all the pieces of the Quiz Funnel puzzle fitted together.

Regina recently did a soft launch of her quiz and is about to start marketing it fully and getting it out there in the world. So I thought it might be helpful for you to hear how together we brainstormed the concept and I helped Regina put the whole thing together.

Where to start when building a Quiz as a Lead Magnet

First things first, whenever you create a quiz you have to look at the purpose and goal of it before doing anything else.

Ask yourself the question, what do I want my leads to do once they’ve taken my quiz? What do you want the quiz to achieve for you? Is it to:

  • Build your email list
  • Sell a digital product
  • Launch something new
  • Create brand awareness
  • Market research on your audience.

Whatever it is it’s important to know up front what your goal is as this will determine the journey your quiz takers go on.

Luckily, Regina knew her quiz goals, she wanted to sell her courses and send leads to the relevant offer


When you create a quiz start at the end and work backwards. Why? Because you need to know the goal of your quiz before you can start on titles, outcomes or questions.

And next comes the Quiz Title

Next for Regina it was about coming up with a quiz title that would resonate with the different members of her audience.

You see Regina’s audience wasn’t simple. She had professional singers, songwriters, those looking to get started and also people wanting to be able to sing and play the piano.

Hmm….not easy.

As we chatted on one of our Q&A sessions, which are part of the Quiz Funnel Formula Course, we came up with the idea of using part of the name of her Academy for the Quiz Title to keep the brand awareness consistent. And this is what we came up with…

What is Your Savvy Singer Success Formula?

Reveal the strategy you need to skyrocket your singing. This Success Formula is the missing ingredient that will supercharge your skills and help you realize your musical dreams.

Notice how the quiz description really highlights the benefits of doing the quiz and what someone taking it will get out of it.

But we didn’t stop there. In the quiz cover image we teased the results so people could see what their results might be.

Building a Quiz as a Lead Magnet


Alliterations work really well when it comes to the name for your Outcomes as they flow so nicely off the tongue and help to make your quiz memorable.

Your Results are important when using a Quiz as a Lead Magnet

Once you’ve decided on the names for each outcome then you need to get busy writing those results for each one.

And I’ll tell you right now this is the hardest part of the entire thing. When I’m writing results for my clients it can take me 2 days just to come up with the first draft for one outcome.

But it’s so worth spending the time and here’s why.


Spend the time to get your quiz results right. Your leads are expecting something substantial from their results. They want to reveal something meaningful and learn about themselves. As humans we have a real thirst for self- knowledge.

Your results should acknowledge where they are in their journey, empathise, show light at the end of the tunnel, and allow them to see how, with your help, things can change.

You then need to move onto what that solution might look like and give value with some actionable steps that give them an immediate quick win.

Doing all that doesn’t happen in an hour. However, when you spend the time to get the language right and offer all that value in those results you now have all that juicy copy available for the other elements that go into creating a high converting quiz such as:

  • The answer options you use in your questions
  • Social media copy
  • Nurture emails

You see consistency is key when creating a quiz. Your leads need to feel like they’re going on a journey with you from the moment they click on your quiz and it’s your job to make that journey one that’s educational, enjoyable and CONSISTENT.

And Finally We Move Onto Your Quiz Questions

Ask me anything

Which is where we now move onto the questions – notice those are the LAST thing we do when creating the quiz itself.

Your questions are important and I like to think of them in the format of a story with a beginning, middle and end.

When you read a story the writer builds up to the meaty part they don’t dive in head first. They set the scene and that’s what your quiz questions need to do.

It’s like wanting to read the sequel to the book you just read that you didn’t want to end. There is nothing better than a book that leaves you wanting more – it means the author has done their job.


Follow the story arc when creating your questions and take them on that journey leaving them desperate to know more – in other words handing over their name and email to receive their quiz results.

Remember, as a Quiz Creator your job is to leave your leads wanting more.

And finally, whilst we’re on the subject of questions, remember to make them fun and introspective. Find interesting ways to ask a question.

One of my favourite questions from Regina’s quiz is one that asks where the lead is in their musical journey BUT rather than simply saying that, we got creative and played on the fact Regina’s audience are musical.

Quiz Lead Magnets that Convert

If your musical journey could be described in musical terms, which would you be?

  • Adagio – it’s slow going but I’d love to speed it up.
  • Andante – I’m strolling along but not lighting any fires
  • Allegro – I’m whizzing along pretty fast right now
  • Fermata – it’s on HOLD and waiting for the right time to start

Isn’t that more appealing than a standard question – it’s relatable to her audience.

Now obviously, if you want to know more about Regina’s quiz you need to take it and see for yourself – What is Your Savvy Singer Success Formula?

In the meantime though here are a few thoughts from Regina on her quiz creation process.

An Interview with Dr Regina Zona on Building her Quiz Funnel

Regina, tell us more about the Singer Savvy Academy and what you offer?

Singer Savvy Academy is an online academy specifically serving singers in any genre and at every level (from professional to hobbyist). We seek to transform singers into the confident musicians they want to be by offering courses in piano skills, music theory, sight singing, practice techniques, role preparation, audition techniques, and more!

What was your main goal for creating a quiz?

I was looking for another lead magnet to build my list because I haven’t had much luck with freebies. I want to build my list to 1000 subscribers by the end of the year.

Why the Quiz Funnel Formula?

I was introduced to Kylie at a virtual summit hosted by my entrepreneurial coach. I took Kylie’s quiz and got on her list. I then attended her free summit and quiz bootcamp. In all these events, she over delivered in her free offerings. It was absolutely clear that she knows her stuff and loves doing it! After I inquired about her program, she sent me a personalized video – she had remembered my business AND she was a musician! I was hooked!

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

Honestly, it is the personal attention that Kylie offered. She spent time looking at my website, understanding who I serve and what I offer and was able to speak to me in very specific terms according to what MY business is. Her copywriting editing was so helpful and clear. I feel that while I felt successful writing the quiz through her guidance, she took the quiz to the next level by adding some more personality and clarity.

What’s the aspect of the quiz you’ve really enjoyed creating?

One of the steps in creating the quiz that was the most helpful for my entire business (not just the quiz) was defining my avatars. I knew that this was an essential aspect of my business, but I had not done the specific work on defining the avatars that Kylie guided me to do prior to doing this work. I feel so much better about now truly knowing my audience (and I also learned who my audience ISN’T).

What would you say to other creatives who’d like to create a quiz for their business?

Do it! It’s a fun way to interact with your cold audience!

And finally, as I’m such a big fan, if you had to choose just one ABBA song to sing on stage what would it be?

Need you ask? “Dancing Queen” of course!

So the question is do you want to be the next REGINA and have a Quiz as a Lead Magnet?

If you do, and you’re ready to DIY your quiz with a full blueprint to follow then you’ll love the Quiz Funnel Formula my program where I take you by the hand and help you to create a high converting quiz.

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