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List building is a big topic. Just try typing it into Google and you’ll see what I mean. 

Seriously, when I did that it came back with 5,470,000,000 results.

A Google Search for List Building

That’s a massive figure and can mean you see lots of varying results. So I want to take more of a narrow focus and niche right down to look specifically at list building with quizzes.

And what better way to do that than by giving you a real life example.

Meet Dr Toni, Dating & Relationship Coach and Career Transition Expert. My brief from her was that she wanted to use a quiz funnel to build her email list to attract more of her ideal clients and to pivot her business focus more towards dating for professional women rather than just career transitioning.

Dr Toni already knew she wanted a quiz to help her build her list but the question was around the direction she wanted the quiz to take.

The first step in list building with quizzes

We did what I always do when creating a quiz funnel, we started at the end and worked our way back.

I asked her, what’s the end goal with your quiz funnel? What do you want your quiz takers to do once they’ve taken your quiz and gone through your email nurture sequence. 

In other words, where are we pushing them to and what action do you want them to take?

As we talked and brainstormed about the end goal it became clear that the action was to push them onto a waitlist for a new course, Dating Mastery. This was Dr Toni’s new venture to help women fast-track their Dating Success and get the relationship and life they’ve been dreaming of.

Fantastic. Now we were starting to get somewhere. Knowing that the entire goal of the quiz wasn’t just to build a list BUT to build a list of engaged warm leads who were going to be nurtured, gave her quiz a purpose. 

I could now put together a full strategy around her quiz so when the time came for Dr Toni to open the virtual doors to Dating Mastery, her leads were going to be ready to buy.

If you’d like to know the full strategy behind creating a quiz that leads to a waitlist you’ll love this post – How to create a Quiz Funnel with a Waitlist to Launch Your Course

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What comes next when building a quiz funnel?

One of my favourite parts of building a quiz as a lead magnet is that I get to take a deep dive into the world of my client. And not just their audience but who they are as a person and why their leads can relate to them.

And this turned out to be really interesting in Dr Toni’s case. Not only was she a dating and relationship expert, but she was also a physician and certified executive coach for high performing women.

AND she’d walked in their shoes, both as a busy career woman, and as a woman who had also struggled to find the relationship she was looking for and deserved. 

This is so important. It doesn’t matter how great your quiz funnel is, list building with a quiz won’t work if you aren’t relatable. You have to create an emotional connection with your audience and draw them into your world through your experiences.

My mind started to whirr. There was a fantastic synergy here and I could see how list building with a quiz to identify her ideal clients was going to be so powerful. There was a wonderful connection that was going to be so much fun to explore.

A successful Quiz Funnel depends on the research you do and how well you know your audience

The first part of building a quiz funnel is all about research, idea generation and just letting your creative juices flow, and boy were mine flowing with this quiz.

I started to play around with words and phrases such as ‘diagnosis’, ‘dating DNA’, ‘cause not cure’, ‘single & stuck’ and ‘relationship reset’. I soon came up with 10 quiz title ideas and descriptions to present to Dr Toni.

After narrowing it down to just three choices we asked her audience and clients to vote on their favourite.

And this is where things get interesting. With quizzes and quiz titles, and this is the same for most lead magnets, the title you pick and the one that you love, doesn’t necessarily resonate with your audience.

Always, always, always involve your audience when creating any type of lead magnet. Get their feedback and let them feel part of it. That way you’ll get a Quiz Funnel that actually converts and builds your email list full of the right type of leads.

What quiz title and description did Dr Toni choose for her Quiz?

Single & stuck? Get your personalized Dating Diagnosis for a serious relationship.

Understanding your Dating DNA and your own unique natural wiring are the pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to stop sabotaging your relationships. Wave goodbye to those dating disappointments once and for all.

See where all those little words and phrases have crept into the title and description? Her audience LOVED the idea behind the quiz and gave us lots of helpful feedback allowing us to move forward with confidence.

But what about the Quiz Outcomes and Results?

Well I can’t give away all the secrets of Dr Toni’s quiz but I will tell you I identified 4 different types of women on the executive dating scene. All of these personas were ones Dr Toni could recognise herself. She could completely identify with them as she had been each and every one of them at some point in her life.

Want a preview of the outcomes? Curious to see if you can maybe relate just a little bit?

Quiz Result No 1 - The Avoider

Woman with her head in her hands

As the name suggests, you’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there in the dating world because the whole thing feels utterly overwhelming. You’re not sure where to start and just don’t have the time or energy for the inevitable rejection that’s bound to happen.

Quiz Result No 2 - The Over Thinker

Woman thinking about life

You use overthinking as a shield, a way of protecting yourself from your fear of rejection. Nobody likes to be judged, so by exercising extreme caution you never put yourself in a position where things might not turn out the way you want them to.

Quiz Result No 3 - The Fixer

A couple looking distant

As the name suggests, you love to solve problems and create solutions for those you care about. Your friends and family affectionately call you ‘Little Miss Fix It’, as you always come to the rescue. But, there’s just one problem. Your help is temporary. They begin to rely on you, but no one comes to rescue you.

Quiz Result No 4 - The Nurturer

Woman with head in hands and man in background

Sacrificing your desires and needs in order to please everyone else around you without considering the effects of these actions. You’re afraid that if you’re perceived as being difficult or somehow less than perfect, you’ll be rejected, or possibly abandoned.

And now you’ve heard just some of the strategy behind this quiz funnel and how list building with quizzes can work, I’d love you to take Dr Toni’s quiz. See what a well thought out quiz funnel really looks like.

So I’ve told you some of the behind-the-scenes of how I created a list building quiz for Dr Toni but I thought it would be interesting for you to hear about her experience.

What was she hoping to achieve with the quiz and what was her thought process behind it all?

I’ll hand you over now to the lady herself, dating expert, and all round fabulous person, Dr Toni.

Tell us about the type of women you help and the driving force behind what you do

I tend to help strong, capable career women who are, I hate to say it, martyrs. They take care of everyone but themselves and they’ve followed all the rules. They’re unfulfilled and they are wondering is this it?

They want to elevate their lives, but they’ve done everything they know to do and they’ve hit a wall. I remember that feeling. I remember working my tail off and having no one around me understand that success wasn’t automatic happiness. I did not feel joy. I did not feel, you know, fulfilled. And we tend to let perfection stop us.

So I want to Inspire other women and remind them that, hey, if you can do all of those things, you can build a new life too. One that you really enjoy and you don’t want to let fear dictate that life.

What inspired you to want to create a quiz to help women understand their dating DNA?

I wanna help women get more insight. It’s so hard out here and we don’t want to get discouraged by what we see, which is a lot of duds, you know, a lot. I mean, it’s hard when there’s so few quality people that connect with us. And I wanted to give women an inside track or a head start because it’s a narrow field, it’s a narrow dating pool, and you’re very busy.

So the sooner we can get you to understand what could be happening and the patterns that you’ve been following and how we can break them, the sooner we can write a plan or approach this with a winner’s attitude and get the results that we’re looking for.

I love the fact you’ve written an algorithm to find a husband, tell us more about that and how it all came about

So I was once again sitting there looking at my life feeling like this can’t be the end of the road for me, even though myself and all the people around me aren’t quite where we wanna be, especially in relationships. I didn’t think it was a good idea to quit, so I challenged myself to look at what I’ve been able to do in other areas of my life.

I mean, I didn’t become a physician overnight and it wasn’t easy and I didn’t change careers from the finance world to become the medical doctor, to then transition into being a business owner.

And what I discovered is that when I took the emotions out ‘m more successful. I get where I’m going and I win, and I wanted to make that happen in my personal life. Remove the emotion, make it a system, make it a checklist, and work the plan just like you would anything else. 

I didn’t see any reason why this couldn’t be different. Instead of hoping, wishing, and waiting, I got to work.

How do you relate personally to the quiz outcomes that we’ve created?

Oh, I’m all of these outcomes. I have cycled through all of the different types of women at some point in my life. I’ve been there so I get it completely.

What’s your biggest goal for your quiz?

That it’s worth putting in the effort to follow through on each of the individual steps to get where you wanna go. If you wanted to, let’s say, build a house, you would not want to build a beautiful house without a good foundation. You wouldn’t want it to be in the wrong location. You wouldn’t wanna have crappy neighbors, so you have to do some homework. You have to be, um, You have to be patient sometimes, but once you follow through on not just the blueprint of what makes a great home aka relationship, but what is the foundation that will keep that thing in place, um, and strong over time.

I wanna give people hope, I wanna give them direction, and I want them to feel empowered and strengthened by the idea that, hey, she’s done it, she’s helped other people do it.

What have you enjoyed most about working with Kylie to create your Quiz?

I love that Kylie makes you work through everything in a very cohesive way. She wants everything to be clear. She wants everything to be authentically you.

She also wants it to be inviting and fun. And that’s what it’s all about. I mean, it’s really aligned with what I do in my brand. I try to get us to the finish line, but I want us to have a good time getting there. I want it to be a journey that you enjoy along the way, not let’s hurry up and get to the good part.

The way Kylie approaches things is just like that. She’s like, well, let’s have our thinking caps on, but let’s make it light and fun and easy. So that’s what I enjoyed most about working with her on this project. And it also made me reflect and remember that, shoot, I’m not just teaching you stuff that I read out of a book or that I observed in other people. I lived it. I coached myself first. I made all of the trial and error, and now we have a nice, smooth process for you that others have been able to repeat.

So I’m very confident and walking with her through all of that journey reinforced for me that this is powerful.

What words of advice would you give to anyone else looking to create a quiz funnel for their business?

I would tell people who want to develop a quiz to pull out their best case studies and testimonials and review all of them and look at the keywords, look at the patterns, look at the similarities.

Remind yourself of your ideal client and what they are struggling with and what keeps them up at night. What problem do they really need solved? And what seems to be in the way? And what does that new life look like? What does all that on the other side of the quiz, with your solutions, with your support, what will that look like to make their lives or their businesses better?

And also I would say that if you’re not sure of a couple of things, survey your audience. When Kylie said, I’d like you to ask your audience to vote on their favorite quiz title, we had narrowed it down from the options Kylie presented us with. We sent it out to an even bigger pool of people to give us some final feedback to see what resonated. We wanted a quiz that was an attention grabber.

And finally, because Kylie is a huge ABBA fan, which ABBA song would get you up on the dance floor?

My favorite Abba song is Dancing Queen. I think it embodies my whole life. You can dance, you can fly, and you should be having the time of your life, right?

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