your quiz results are in!

Your Quizpreneur Type is …


What does that mean?

Watch your Results Video below to find out…

As an Infopreneur...

you have all the INFO you need to create an amazing quiz, one which will help you to automate the way you bring qualified leads into your world.

You’ve done your HOMEWORK. You’ve researched ideas for your BIG Quiz Topic and the outcomes you’ll give them. You even have a Google Doc of possible questions and answers you want to use.

BUT you just can’t seem to pull it all together. The pieces of the puzzle aren’t fitting together and it’s beginning to feel a little overwhelming.

Your ideal scenario would be to have someone take you by the hand and show you how to put all those fabulous ideas into one fabulous high converting quiz.

Someone who will ‘do it with you‘ but not take over the whole thing.

You're ready to...

join the 'Infopreneurs' getting great results
& ditch the PDF lead magnet.

You’re ready to do this!
AND I know deep down you’re singing Mamma Mia…
If your last launch flopped,
you’re struggling to fill your diary with the right clients
or you want to build your email list fast,

you need a Quiz Funnel.

Why? Because it takes the stress out of constantly hustling for new clients. That stress simply disappears. That’s why so many coaches, course creators service providers are now investing in a quiz funnel as their main lead magnet.

When you create a quiz that answers a question you know your audience has it’s powerful because they feel seen, heard and understood. That’s a very potent mixture which leads to building the know, like, trust factor with them.

And did I mention…

Quizzes Drive Traffic

They get your audience saying

"I do, I do, I do, I do, I do."

And…this is just the start

Now you know what type of Quizpreneur you are 
it’s time to do something about it and I’m here to help you make it all happen.

No more talk, no more research, no more collecting information it’s time to take action.

And as an Infopreneur you’re the perfect person for my ‘Done in a Day’ VIP INTENSIVE

Let me introduce you to the

‘Done in a Day’

VIP Intensive

Where I do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
It’s the perfect way to stop procrastinating and take creating a quiz off your ‘To Do List’.

What’s on the menu?

This is a ‘Done With You’ (DWY) Service so perfect for those who want the strategy & full blueprint but are happy to implement themselves with access to my Quiz Funnel Brain.

  1. Pre-VIP Day Zoom Brainstorming Session (usually around 60 mins)
  2. Full Quiz Strategy With All Elements Covered
  3. Quiz Topic and Clickable Title & Description
  4. Quiz Outcomes Mapped Out 
  5. Results Template with plenty of ideas on how to personalize them (you fill in the gaps)
  6. First Draft of Your Quiz Questions & Answers
  7. Email Nurture Campaign Outline & Strategy
  8. Quiz Setup on Interact (Redeemable Within 3 Months of Purchase)
  9. Instructional Loom Video (full instructions on how to implement & complete your quiz)

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