How a Personality Quiz Can Help Grow Your Online Membership Site

If you have an online membership site of any type, you’ll have no doubt thought about how you can drive more qualified traffic and leads into your membership.

You’ve probably tried all the lead magnets under the sun, played around with different sales funnels, done free webinars and possibly even an online challenge in a Facebook Group.

Anything really to get eyeballs on your membership site and people to sign up and pay for access to your content either with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Online memberships have seen a massive surge in popularity, especially since Covid. If you can create regular content that people want, and more importantly will pay to access and consume, then you can have an online membership.

From dance fitness memberships to dog training and beyond, there’s a space for you online to sell your content.

But like with most businesses you still need to find clients those who are willing to invest their money into your membership.

The big question is how do you grow your membership site?

Let me introduce the hottest lead magnet in 2022, the humble personality quiz.

As a Quiz Funnel Strategist, yes that’s really a thing, my job is to create high converting quizzes for my clients to help them bring in leads on autopilot.

Today I’d like to introduce to one of those clients, Teresa Heath-Wareing an international speaker, podcaster and all-round digital marketing diva.

I met Teresa in Newcastle where she was speaking at a fabulous event for small business owners called Atomicon. She was talking about building your email list and when someone in the audience asked her what lead magnet she’d recommend above all others, she of course said ‘a quiz’. Yay!

But that’s not all…

She then announced that 2022 was the year she was going to build a quiz to end all quizzes for her marketing membership.

As you can imagine that was like honey to a bee. Before I knew what I was doing I quite literally accosted her as she came off stage to introduce myself and let her know I wanted to help her create her quiz.

I then stalked her on Instagram, sent her a couple of voice notes with some ideas and she agreed to a chat on Zoom.

Two months later we launched her epic quiz.

To say I’m excited about this quiz would be the understatement of the year.

You see Teresa had developed a whole pathway into her membership and wanted to use this as the foundation for her quiz.

It needed to not only drive more consistent traffic and segment her audience into specific membership levels BUT to also give them possibly the most personalised quiz experience I’ve ever created.

Want to know how we did it?

Well, we started off by acknowledging the big overriding problem her audience had.

You see all businesses exist to solve a problem their audience has so this is always the starting point for any quiz, and for Teresa her audience’s problem was moving forward in their business.

Her audience were all at different points in their entrepreneurial journey, but they all had the same pain point, getting to the next level.

And marketing was at the core of this for all of them.

This meant we needed to approach the quiz from a more negative angle. We weren’t asking them what their superpower was or secret sauce or elixir, we wanted to know what their Blind Spot, Blocker or Saboteur was.

We’d already identified that we didn’t want to create a fluffy quiz with no real substance to it that asked questions with no particular relevance.

(This isn’t really something I do anyway as the quizzes I create are about taking people on a journey with a defined outcome, valuable results with actionable takeaways.)

So that being decided we brainstormed some possible ideas for our big quiz title. One that was curiosity filled and would make people want to click and take the quiz.

And trust me this doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of research goes into this process, and I immerse myself in my client’s world in order to really understand what’s going to resonate with their audience.

Bottom line, a quiz should always be asking a question you know your audience wants answered, but without being too specific.

Kylie Lang

The more specific reasons for that problem existing are where your outcomes play their part.

That being the case we knew our question had to be around what was holding Teresa’s audience back from taking that next step in their business growth.

I narrowed it down to 8 options and Teresa opted for ‘What’s Your #1 Business Blocker?’, which was perfect for both her personality and her audience. Zero fluffiness.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a one paragraph description beneath the quiz title to really pull people in. In this description we wanted to really playing on the buzz words and use them to peak curiosity.

“Uncover where you’re getting stuck in your business and reveal the action steps you need to take to grow your business. PLUS receive a personalised growth report.”

Next, we needed to think about the outcomes, or results, her audience would receive once they’d taken the quiz.

The results are where your power lies because you want your audience to have that lightbulb moment of OMG, she really gets me, she understands me, and she knows my struggles.

With Teresa I’d already agreed that the main pain points were:

  • Money
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Time Scarcity

But somehow these didn’t sit right as outcomes, they were almost too obvious and wouldn’t be revealing anything the person taking it didn’t already know about themselves.

We also knew what the goals of the quiz were. Something you should always nail first up and do before anything else.

Goal #1

To empower the person taking it and make them feel like what they wanted to achieve for their business was possible.

Goal #2

To identify the main thing holding them back so we could give them a solution to that problem, a quick fix/win to give them confidence in Teresa and the membership.

Goal #3

To help us segment them into the right membership level so we could take the hard work out of marketing and selling the membership and have it run more on autopilot.

Phew! She didn’t want much really from this quiz, did she?

It was then that we struck on the idea of using the membership levels as the outcomes. It was perfect because it clearly identified what was holding them back and allowed Teresa to then expand on this both on the results page and within the report she was going to deliver.

The three results were finalised as:

  • Consistent Visibility
  • Growing Your Audience
  • Scaling with Systems

Once these had been decided and written it was time to look at the questions and answers that were going to get people to one of those three outcomes.

Fun fact about quizzes – the questions and answers are the last thing you do when creating the quiz itself.

Kylie Lang

Now I’m not going to spoil this for you and go through each question from Teresa’s quiz, you need to take the quiz itself to see how it all came together and what questions we used.

But what I will say is that the questions need to take the quiz taker on a journey. It should be a mini client experience that feels like it’s leading somewhere.

Ultimately, it’s a peek into what it might feel like to work with you or buy your product.

If you don’t want to see a big fall off in your quiz halfway through, then make sure you take your time here and never, ever, go for more than 12 questions.

For me the sweet spot is somewhere around 8-10 questions.

Now so far all I’ve talked about is the quiz itself. But what about the rest of it?

Well, this is where things got really interesting with Teresa’s quiz. Her big brief to me was that she wanted to provide lots of value for anyone taking the quiz and that it needed to be as personalised as possible.

Great! I’m all for value, quick wins, and personalisation when it comes to results pages.

But we didn’t stop there.

As part of the entire funnel, I suggested creating a Personalised Quiz Report that took more of a deep dive into their results and gave some actionable steps people could take to move past their business blocker.

We agreed this would be delivered by email and not on the results page.

What happened next nearly blew my mind.

On a Zoom call Teresa announced she wanted to create 27 versions of the report and deliver them via email based on the answers people gave to three questions she’d identified as being important.

Three questions each with three possible answers meant 27 variations or possible outcomes.

OMG my head wanted to explode.

Anyway, thanks to the genius that is Active Campaign I realised we could achieve this through some clever backend work using conditional content and tags.

Suffice it to say there was only one email going out rather than twenty-seven through just one automation. The beauty of using Interact as a quiz platform is how nicely it plays with others through its native integrations.

It would be safe to say that the day I built this out in Active Campaign the air was blue. But boy the satisfaction I felt once it was completed was insane.

And more importantly it worked.

The result being Teresa is delivering a quiz that gives completely personalised results based on how someone answers three of the quiz questions whilst considering every, single variable.

She achieved her goal of giving insane value to her quiz takers and really leading them on a journey whilst building that all important know, like, trust with her leads.

Add to this some clever little email response tricks and integrations with fun tools like Bonjoro this is one sophisticated Quiz Funnel.

So if you’ve ever wondered what a Quiz Funnel Strategist does I hope this goes some way to explaining it for you.

There is a huge amount of psychology in building a high converting personality quiz along with really understanding how to write copy that resonates with your target audience.

A quiz isn’t a quick fix lead magnet. It takes time, energy, and a very real understanding of your audience BUT boy is it worth it.

Kylie Lang

Hands down it’s the most valuable lead magnet out there and once created, tested, and tweaked will continue to drive qualified traffic on autopilot.

Want to know what Teresa thought about the whole process?

I couldn’t resist asking Teresa a few questions about her Quiz journey to possibly the world’s most personalised quiz funnel EVER!

Kylie: How long has a quiz funnel been on your ’To Do List’?

Teresa: I have to admit it’s been on my list for a really long time a year or two even. But there were so many elements I wasn’t sure about and didn’t really know where to start and then like most things the tech put me off. I think I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve but no idea how to make that happen.

Kylie: What was the motivation behind creating a quiz for your business?

Teresa: Quizzes are such a powerful tool in business for so many reasons – firstly they are a great list builder. People enjoy finding out something about themselves so creating a quiz that gives them an insight and help with a problem is great. But the other amazing thing about a quiz is that you can find out about your potential customer – key things like what they are struggling with or where they need help. Quizzes really are a win, win.

Kylie: What was the biggest lesson you learnt from your quiz journey with me?

Teresa: I learnt so much that it is hard to pick one thing. But I think the structure of building the quiz was key. For example, how many and type of questions, how they lead to the outcomes and what works and doesn’t. The best thing was having an expert there at every step to guide me and give me advice. Oh and how can I not mention the tech with my very ambitious idea for the follow up reports (27 varieties of it) and there is no way I would have put the tech together as easy as she did! She understood what I wanted and made it happen!

Kylie: When I waved my magic quiz wand how was I able to help you to get clear on your quiz goals?

Teresa: I knew that I wanted my quiz to work alongside my dream business Growth Path, however you really helped me see that I needed those 3 main outcomes and how I can relate them to my audience, so they have their one business blocker explained.

Kylie: And just because I’m a HUGE Abba fan if you absolutely had to pick just 1 what’s your favourite Abba song?

Teresa: This is a tough one, but I think I would have to go for Slipping Through My Fingers.

So if you’re seeing a quiz in your future I’d love to talk to you and see how we can work together.

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