Create A Lead Magnet That Gets You Leads

Whether you’re a coach, course creator or service provider you need to fill your sales funnel with ideal clients who get you, want to be part of your tribe and who love everything you put out there.

You want to wow them with your Fab Factor and build an emotional connection with them.

How do you do that? By creating a lead magnet that puts your leads into a sales funnel where you can nurture them.

You’ve no doubt tried all the usual lead magnets such as cheat sheets, swipe files, guides eBooks, checklists, webinars etc.

But…and this is the big but, they’ve never converted as well as you’d hoped.

Finding a lead magnet that builds your email list, creates the know, like, trust, factor and converts leads into clients isn’t easy.

However, what I’m going to share with you today changes all that.

Let me introduce to the humble quiz, the lead magnet to end all lead magnets.

Why should I use a Quiz for a lead magnet?

A well thought out quiz funnel will not only help you to fill your email list on autopilot but it will also give you the highest conversion rates you’ve ever had and the lowest ad cost you’ve ever seen.

A quiz is the most powerful lead magnet and list building strategy there is…but there’s so much more to it than just coming up with a few questions and popping it up on your website Buzzfeed style.

We’re not talking the type of quiz that tells you which Harry Potter House you should be in or which Friends character you’re most like.

Absolutely not. We’re talking about a quiz that lets you segment your audience, gain unbelievable insight and knowledge into who they are, whilst simultaneously positioning yourself as the solution to whatever their problem is.  

What goes into a high converting Quiz Funnel?

You need to provide value. There must be an outcome that allows your audience to learn something about themselves whilst giving them the opportunity to take action.

When you’re using quizzes as a tool to convert browsers into buyers you have to move beyond the mighty Buzzfeed.

Your quiz is designed to give your audience insights, value and wisdom. It needs to answer their question and show them ways to solve their problem. It’s the age-old adage. Your client has a problem, and your product or service is the solution to that problem.

Your quiz results need to position you as that solution, but you can only do that when you know and understand what the challenges are that your audience face.

And remember, as with all lead magnets your quiz isn’t trying to save the world. You’re simply helping them to identify areas of weakness, which their quiz results show, provide a solution that allows them to take action but not the whole, complete solution. That whole solution is your paid product or service. What you’re giving them here is just a twinkling of what you have.

You’ve started to build that all important know, like, trust factor.

How to decide on the right quiz lead magnet for your business

So how exactly do you come up with that big idea? The idea that’s going to the money-making quiz funnel idea that blows up your piece of real estate on the internet.

Well, we’re going to split it up into three main areas and we’ll go over each one in a minute, but here’s the three things I want you to think about:

  • Firstly, what are the goals you have for your quiz?
  • Then, what type of quiz do you want to create?
  • And finally, what’s the question your quiz is answering?
Choosing the right quiz for your business

With every quiz I create I always start at the end first. Why? Because you must know what the goal of your quiz is before you can create it.

What is the purpose of your quiz? Is it to sell more of your services?

Is your quiz going to be your main lead magnet and the one thing you spend money on with Facebook Ads?

Is your quiz going to be specific to one of your offerings? In other words, are you designing it to lead your quiz takers into a webinar or product launch?

Your quiz should essentially be answering one big question.

If you’re a productivity coach, then maybe the question is ‘How do I get more done in the time I have available?’.

If you’re an interior designer, the question might be ‘how do I figure out my personal style?

Or as a yoga instructor maybe it’s ‘how do I become more flexible?

It really depends on your audience as to the big question your quiz answers.

How do you decide what question you want to answer?

It’s all about understanding your ideal client’s pain points and challenges. And the easiest way to identify what those are is to do some good old fashioned detective work. It’s time for some research.

Try taking a look at the questions you get asked on a regular basis. Audit your FAQS, do a mine of your Inbox and look for common questions your clients are always asking you.

It might be that for your audience their biggest challenge is around overcoming the fear of failure. Perhaps it’s how to be more productive with the hours they have available to them. It might be they’re stuck on how to price their services.

Whatever it is make a list of the questions you get asked all the time and think about how you could incorporate them into a quiz.

Create insightful and actionable quiz results

At the end of your quiz, the quiz results will show which personality type your audience member fits into. You want this result to be accurate because people take quizzes seriously and assume you’ll be providing value when they see their outcome.

They’re hoping to learn more about themselves and get access to more self-knowledge through your quiz results. By following these next steps, we’ll make sure you make a lasting impression with your quiz results.

First, you’ll want to define three to four personality types. Notice your results come before your questions. There’s a reason for this and this is one of my biggest tips I can give you in creating a 7-figure high converting quiz – always, always, always make sure you create your results first.

You can’t know the questions you need to ask until you understand what your results are.

Remember, your quiz personalities should come from your experiences working with past or current clients. Start with what you already know.

Who makes up your audience, and what personality traits do you see among them? This will give you a great start!

When you write quiz results, how well you understand the natural wiring of each audience member matters. How can you weave in their attributes, personality traits, challenges, motivations, goals, and quirks?

Want to see some results in action? Take the Find Your Fab Factor Quiz and see how I structure the results page.

Create questions that educate both you and your audience

Every quiz should be specific, engaging, and fun and your quiz questions will help you bring the personality types to life!

There are three main question types:

  • Diagnosis
  • Non-Diagnosis
  • Lead Generation

Diagnosis questions are the questions that will determine how you segment them. How someone answers counts towards the Quiz Outcome they’ll get.

Non-Diagnosis questions are the questions you ask in your Quiz for reasons OTHER than putting people into different segments. These would include things like demographic questions or visualisation questions which tend to be tailored to tell you where someone is at in their journey right now to help create demand for your product either now or in the future.

And finally, your lead generation question is the one that asks for the name and email address of the person taking the quiz.

If I was selling a course on how to start a business as a mompreneur here’s some of the question I might include:

  1. What stage of your entrepreneurial journey are you at? The options here would include things like just dreaming, starting soon, or I’m ready to do this. These answers give you a good indication as to whether or not your lead is ready to take the next step with you.
  2. Which of the following is holding you back from launching your business? This is good because it shows you the type of person they are. It might be they’re a procrastinator or they have a fear of failure. Whatever it is you’ll give the options and ask them to choose one based on what you know about your audience.
  3. What’s the number one thing you need in order to reach your goals? This question is great for understanding what’s most important to your lead. Perhaps for them it’s about having a community to be part of, training to help them learn, or maybe clarity and direction to help them take the next step.

All three of these questions give you something different but it’s information you can use to do very targeted and specific marketing moving forward.

The landing page and opt-in form

Once you’ve created your quiz you’ll want to get people to take it. It will need to live somewhere and that’s what we call a landing page. This is the page that houses your quiz.

For my quiz I’ve created a page on my website and embedded the quiz onto the page so people never leave my website. But you can also share the link to your quiz directly on your quiz builder.

Either way is fine but I highly recommend having everything on your own site as then you can track things much easier and ensure your quiz takers have a fully branded experience.

If you’re looking for a quiz builder that really has everything you need and is easy to use then you can’t go far wrong with Interact. It’s the only one I recommend and I’ve researched all the tools out there. CLICK HERE TO TRY INTERACT >>>

Then of course there’s the opt-in form itself. You can customize how it looks, what the wording is, and what information you want to collect on your opt-in form.

It’s also possible to let the quiz-takers skip the opt-in form but I really advise against this otherwise you have absolutely no way to collect the emails of the people who have gone through your quiz, which kind of defeats the point of the object.

Word of caution – the more information you ask for and/or require on your opt-in form, the lower the probability that someone will end up filling it out and submitting it. I ask for first name and email address, that’s it. The bare minimum.

BONUS TIP – Nurture emails to build the know, like, trust, factor

To get your quiz-takers into your email nurture campaign, you need to connect your email platform integration with your quiz platform. While each email marketing platform is a little different, you’ll be able to add your new subscribers to groups, lists, segments, or tags based on your quiz results.

You can use individual question answers to segment your quiz takers into groups or add the information to custom fields. The options are truly endless for how you can use the segmented data from quiz results for your email nurture sequences.

Once you’ve done that it’s nurture time. This is where you build the emotional connection with your quiz takers and that all important know, like, trust, factor.

The point of the quiz funnel is to move your audience step by step through each stage and ultimately to becoming a client. Your emails are going to help you do that and in tomorrow’s lesson we’re going to dive a bit deeper into what goes into this.