Bootcamp Re-play

You’re about to discover how I build high converting Quiz Funnels that bring in 5,000+ leads so you can have a sell out launch.

Each Replay will be posted here for you to watch after the live training finishes.

Day 1 Replay

Why Quiz Funnels Are The Hottest Lead Magnet & How They Drive Traffic

The replay will be posted here on Monday May 9th after the session has happened.


📌 Brainstorm the goal of your quiz. What’s the driver behind creating it? Is it to sell more of your services? Be your main lead magnet where you spend money on Facebook Ads? Is your quiz going to be specific to one of your offerings and lead your quiz takers into a webinar, a challenge or product launch?

📌 Determine the type of quiz you want to create. Will it be an Evergreen Quiz, a Launch Quiz or a Sales Quiz?