The Importance of Blogging for your Online Business

I often get asked if blogging is really necessary anymore in a world where social media is apparently king. All I can say is YES it is. I cannot stress enough the importance of blogging for your online business whether you’re a coach, course creator or service provider.

If you want to get found organically in Google you need to be producing fresh content that is consistently positioning you as an expert in your field.

Google loves relevant content that’s regularly updated and will recrawl and prioritise.

At the end of the day, people who are searching for what you offer and typing their questions into the search bar, are people in the buying mindset. They already know they want what you’re selling it’s a question of finding someone that fits their criteria.

Social media is not like that. Someone who happens to see your ad or your post might double tap but they’re not a warm lead, there’s a difference.

Is Blogging dead in 2023?

Absolutely not. Blogging is still one of the most powerful ways to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and establish yourself as an industry leader.

With most of the quizzes I create I write blog posts using the copy from the results pages. This copy has been written after lots of research using words and phrases I know my client’s audience uses.

The quiz is answering questions I know they have and are typing into Google so it’s a fantastic way to get a quiz noticed. And that’s just one way of using blogging as part of your marketing.

The Benefits of Blogging

Diagram outlining the elements of blogging and why they're important

So what are the benefits of blogging for your online business? If you’re anything like me you need to know the ‘why’ behind somthing before you can go full steam ahead. So here’s four good reasons to get you started:

Increased Website Traffic: Blogging can drive traffic to your website. According to research, businesses that blog regularly receive 55% more website visitors than those that don’t. When you publish high-quality content that your target audience finds useful, they are more likely to visit your website and explore your products or services.

Improved Search Engine Ranking: Search engines love fresh content, and blogging is an effective way to consistently provide new content. By using targeted keywords and providing useful information, you can improve your search engine ranking and attract more visitors to your website.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: Blogging can help you establish your brand voice and build a relationship with your target audience. By consistently providing valuable content, you can position your business as a trusted authority in your industry, which can lead to increased brand recognition and loyalty.

Lead Generation: Blogging can help you generate leads for your business. By including calls-to-action in your blog posts, like the one below, you’ll build your email list.

The SEO Benefits of Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Trust me when I say this stuff is powerful but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some of the main SEO benefits of blogging:

  1. Targeted Keywords: By researching and using targeted keywords in your blog posts, you can improve your ranking for specific search terms.

  2. Backlinks: When other websites link to your blog posts, it can improve your search engine ranking. This is because search engines consider backlinks to be a sign of authority and relevance. By creating high-quality content, you can attract backlinks from other websites, which can boost your SEO.

  3. Internal Linking: Internal linking is the practice of linking to other pages on your website from within your blog posts. This can help search engines understand the structure of your website and improve the user experience for your visitors.

  4. Social Sharing: When your blog posts are shared on social media, it can improve your SEO. This is because social signals, such as likes, comments, and shares, are considered to be a sign of relevance and authority.

The Future of Blogging Summit

Hopefully I’ve now convinced you of the HUGE benefits there are to blogging for your online business. So now I’d love to help you take the next step and make sure your blogging is as good as it can be.

The Future of Blogging Summit is an online event that I’m speaking at. You’ll learn about how the experts in blogging started and grew their blogs and their brands, and what areas they worked on when they wanted to increase their income.  Dive into what makes their blogs successful so yours can be successful too.  

Learn the newest tips and tried and true techniques related to doing exactly what you need to start or grow your blog.  Learn how to write amazing emails and posts, get started with SEO, grow your blog, monetize it, and lots more. 

Some of the presentations I’m really looking forward to are:

  1. Peggy Chen, aka “Penny Chen”- Perspectives on AI and How to Leverage it for Blogging
  2. Heather Ritchie- Building a Winning Content Plan That Allows You To Make More Money With Your Content
  3. Sherry Smothermon-Short- What Bloggers need to know about Google Analytics 4
  4. Nadine Nethery- Why your audience holds the key to your blogging success (and how you can unlock it)
  5. And of course, my presentation – How to Generate Leads on Autopilot with a High Converting Quiz Funnel

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