Are You Ready to be Your Own Business Celebrity?

Too often as creatives we hide our light under a bushel. We don’t like talking about ourselves, our talents, or getting too visible.

Most of us hate the thought of putting ourselves out there because there’s always that old niggling feeling of ‘what if I fail‘. Or even ‘what if nobody is interested‘.

And as for the idea of actually putting our faces in front of a camera and letting our audiences actually see us, forget it.

Well that stops right now…

I have some exciting news to share with you.

I’ve been asked to speak at a brand new virtual conference for creative entrepreneurs, just like you, called Be Your Own Business Celebrity.

Burst out of your comfort zone and move from fear to FUN!

Love the Camera, Love Your Voice & Finally, Be The Star You Are!!


Hosted over two weeks it’s a completely FREE Event and features 30+ Experts & Top Influencers, yours truly included, all sharing their TOP TIPS with you.

You’ll learn what it takes to become a Business Celebrity today and to finally step out confidently on camera.

As many of you will know I absolutely LOVE using video in my business and it has definitely been a huge gamechanger for me.

But not everyone loves the idea of getting visible on video.

So if you’ve ever struggled with hating your voice, feeling awkward on camera, or not wanting to go live because you felt you needed to look perfect…. This event is for you! 

This Masterclass Series is 14 straight days of cutting-edge strategies and inside access to top influencers who are there to help YOU to step up and out for your business, become the true Celebrity of your business and shine whether it be in life, on stage or on camera.

Here’s just some of the must watch topics:

The question is are you ready to be your own business celebrity?

Remember, celebrities are ordinary people just like you and me. The difference is they’ve learnt to embrace their Fab Factor and allow themselves to be visible. And you can too.

By joining me at this FREE event you’ll walk away with 30+ action steps to help you effortlessly step outside your comfort zone, feel incredibly confident on camera and turn fear into fun.

It’s time to show up in your business in a BIG way – on camera, in life or on stage!

⭐️ I want you to be the star you are! ⭐️


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